God's mercies are new every morning

It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. - Lamentations 3:22-24


How many times have most of us gone to bed weary and unsure, and awake the next morning with a renewed spirit and know that this is going to be a good day? Our faith and courage restored. I sure have, and I knew in my heart that it was from the holy spirit. I know that the holy spirit can come upon upon us suddenly in many ways. Praise God.

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Try to imagine going through this life without Gods love and protection. I can’t.

I thought this would fit well in this subject.
Titled : My soul wins Author unknown

In the darkness I dashed my foot against a stone, time after time running too and fro with no light for most of my life. Ignoring that spark of light in my heart. It was very hard to see but it was there, covered with lust and greed and all ugliness. What kind of man am I? Would I want to have a father like me? A liar and a coward, a drunken man I see. Will my children go to hell, trying to be just like me? Living in darkness unable to see? I asked myself, why am I here" what is it all for? I’ve seen men who are different than me, Always calm and speak softly, but stand firm when need be. I thought about that spark of light in my heart again, and why it was so dim and very hard to see.
I thought, if I could just remove the darkness from my heart, clean away the hate, lust and greed. But I knew I was not strong enough, and that I couldn’t do it, and I was ashamed. I’ll be damned , I thought as I sat there weeping. A small pitiful man, completely broken and with no hope. Suddenly a warmth and calm came over me, at first I was afraid, I had never experienced this and as the darkness began to leave my heart and that small spark began to shine brighter and my heart told me to get up and leave this place and all of the ugliness behind. If you stay here you will surly die, it is the darkness of the heart that kills the soul.
Leave it so your light can truly shine, and be seen by your brothers, that they can see you.
Stand up and square your shoulders, dry your eyes and cast away all fears and stand bold as a lion. Reclaim your birthright that is immortality, rejoice in righteousness, behold your master, the father, the son and the holy spirit. Turn away from the world and know that it will kill you, 'yet you shall live forever. Dear Lord thank you for your tender mercies on me, for opening my eyes so that I can see. for rescuing me from death by sacrificing your own life for me. Forgive me Lord when I do the things I know I shouldn’t and not do the things that I know I should. My flesh is weak but I pray my heart be pure.
Thank you for my sight, that I may know bitter from sweet and sweet from bitter. What is life and what is death . Amen.