God provided us all we need.

I remember hearing a story about a doctor, from way back. A young man approached the doctor and told him that he also would like to be a doctor and asked for his help. The doctor told him, “Go out into the woods and into the fields. Bring me back one plant that doesn’t heal the body.” A few weeks later the young man returned to the Doctor and told him, “I am unable to find any plant that doesn’t have medicinal properties.” The doctor replied, “Now you are a doctor!”

God HAS provided us everything we need to heal our bodies as well as nourish our bodies. But what man has done and continues to do is corrupt these gifts from God. Man is always trying to “make it better” or “make it cheaper”. It’s truly sad when you think about it and even more disgusting when you think about all the people that just follow along with “commercial” medicine.

Let’s take for example and herb called Pau D’Arco. This herb has many amazing healing properties including curing cancer. In the 1960’s scientists started to dig into these compounds within the plant and found that the most potent single compound was lapachol. By 1970 a study back by the National Cancer Institute was testing lapachol on cancer patients. They ended their phase 1 study because of the side effects (vomiting and nausea which chemo does the exact same thing) and its anti-vitamin K activity which resulted in anemia and an anticoagulation effect.
Interestingly enough, the other studies previously done using the WHOLE plant showed positive antitumor effects and very low toxicity AND demonstrated positive effect on vitamin K activity! The other chemicals in this plant that God created for us, compensated for lapachol’s negative effect. Instead of using the whole plant (which cannot be patented), they took a single compound which could be patented. Once again – it’s all about the money and NOT about healing.
To this day, they continue to study this plant and extract its many compounds and, of course, patent them….using analog compounds. In other words FAKE.

Now this is just one of many thousands of plants that have been studied. And it’s always the same scenario – they take God’s creation of the whole plant and turn it into something they think is better AND can make them money.