Go Green Agenda Goes Away

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Well, at least in Europe. Why it was just a few short months ago. The Eurocrats were yucking it up as they stuck Russia with blistering economic sanctions. They bragged how Russia would be brought to its knees over their coordinated assault with the United States. Now winter approaches, and the Eurocrats are beginning to…


You just cannot fix stupid. I pray it will wake a few up at least. Common sense, that’s all it is!

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I use solar power and lithium batteries on a small scale for small remote projects. However, if one looks at the rare earth metals and minerals required for large scale use it is obvious there is no green what so ever. Not to mention at present there is no way to recycle spent solar collectors or lithium products, etc. so they must be “safely” landfilled. Yikes! oil seems like an organic bargain in comparison. Is it possible that the only true wisdom and knowledge is of GOD!!??


Sounds like a fun little project, we love tinkering on this side of the screen! So true about rare earth minerals. It kills me how they call that being green. It’s pure propaganda, but the general public is unaware as they have not been told to be concerned.


I think the root of this nonsense is “humanism”. (this part of those folks, I call, the weather god acolytes)…a true disbelief and hatefulness towards God Himself. Then add the “fat-head” into it, and those type find comfort in their vain imaginations in “saving the earth and people”…rather than of course our Lord who does the saving. then, there is the kenite factor…at the root…ever aiming for high places…just like their daddy who wanted the Mercy seat. And the people? They do no really know what evil is, as many do not really know their own Father’s word.