Give Thanks To The Lord For He Is Good

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Never forget the blessings God has already given you. When we allow the world into our minds, we can lose sight of the past, and how God carried us through.


I thank God daily for all that I have and his guidance and protection of me and my family.

God is GREAT!


I experienced a situation today that feel along those lines. My water heater sprung a leak on the bottom. Numerous thoughts go through your mind.

We are planning on moving in the near future and my first flesh thought was, why didn’t it wait till I was out of here, which led to that wasn’t a nice thought.

The 2nd was, I am thankful that I have the talents to do the work myself and save mucho dinero.
After I was done it hit me, good that it happened now and not during the move when my tools could have been already loaded, which led to me being thankful.


You have a kind and good heart!:dove::blush:


So true! Snowman. My water well failed just before spring
after a long cold spell. I wasn’t a happy camper. I went back and sat on the patio to plan a resolve and noticed, that it was nice and cool but not cold. the last cold front of the season was approaching , but right now it was nice outside. Like you I I knew what to do and always have the tools and some plumbing supplies around. I started to feel guilty about complaining. What if this had happened two days ago -6 degrees . I gathered my tools and asked the wife to thaw some steaks for the grill and to come out and lets make a day of it. Plus I felt the satisfaction of being self reliant. It’s all good, depending how we look it.


I remember hearing someone say once, 'I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes to put on my feet. Then I saw a man that had no feet. Amen! brother.

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Ah…the good old water problems. Reading yours and @yakityyak 's comments brought many memories back…and one that just happened a couple weeks ago. A few years back we had an issue with our septic - the pipe leading out of it going to the leach bed cracked. We got a quote from one of the companies and Pat (hubby) said, ya, right. It was the hottest day of the summer and I look out and see him digging up the pipe with a pick ax! (clay soil with lots of tree roots) I’m so thankful that Pat can do these things himself. Water heater replacement - yep, he did that - even though in our township you’re supposed to have it “professionally” installed. Well pump died, yep he built a contraption to pull up the pump and we replaced it ourselves. 350 feet of conduit!! I am very thankful to God that my husband has wisdom and knowledge to do these things. What a blessing!!


its always something with a well and septic, But I like having ‘my’ own system set up like ‘I’ want it. gives us more options.