Gen Zs Failures Are Tied To The Biblical Past

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Generation Z is a complete and utter disaster! I’m not even talking about the morality of this young generation. You know, the group of folks that are 18-24 years old, (born: ~1998-2004). I’m talking about their mental state. In fact, I found a healthcare survey that asked Gen Z key questions about their frame of…


Great study. This is why we will continue to decline. The younger generation is being indoctrinated and the family is of no help anymore. The parents are being indoctrinated too. It is all about rights. We are all winners without effort. History is a reminder, example, and they want that gone too.

We opened pandora’s box for the gay movement years ago and look where we are. This is a monster of evilness whose appetite cannot be quenched.

Generation Z has been taught we owe them everything. When they get into the real world, it hits them in the face, and they become angry, depressed etc. Pills and therapy. Chances are the therapists are 100% woke and steer them in the wrong direction.

The blame has to be put somewhere and the older generation takes the hit, hence they want us gone. Someday we will be, and they will get exactly what they want. Problem is, it won’t be as rosy as they think. The elite will use them as serfs.

I’ll say it again, these are the masses that after 1000 years of the iron rod won’t want it.


Just like the generations of kids highly medicated instead of old fashioned discipline.

When I was younger I was with my mother in a grocery store.
This little brat in line at check out was hitting it’s mother wanting candy.
The mother just kept saying stop stop stop it.
I looked at my mom and said did I ever do that when I was kid??

Know what she told me?
She said “your still alive aren’t you”??


Thanks mom and dad for disciplining me.


One of my dad’s favorite quotes to his boys was, “as long as my foot can reach your ass, you will do what I say.”
He had the patience of Job.


Love it. :joy:

I thank God everyday I was born a Boomer.

One of the kids I grew up with had the parents who never disciplined them.

It was stand in the corner or no supper for you.
He would cuss at his mom and dad.
My parents forbid me to play with him anymore.

He wound up doing time in the big house.


I thank God too that I had strict parents. I didn’t get it at the time but sure did later. The older I got the smarter my parents were.
I grew up on a farm and when we got out of line we had to pick up and fill a 5-gallon bucket of stones out of the garden. We had a pretty stone free garden. LOL


You guys are funny.

I probably shouldn’t share this. When we were driving somewhere and the kids acted out. The wife would give um a wack with her wallet! That thing packs a punch let me tell you. I don’t know what was funnier, watching the contact or watching the kids press themselves back into their seats to avoid it.


Been there. My mom was known as the fastest wet dish rag east of the Mississippi. We would crawl under the bed, but she would still connect. Years later, we had some good laughs about it.


Hey Brandon, is that from experience?
Did you get out of line also?? :rofl:

Just messing wit ya Buddy.


Is that called the spirit of slap??


Lol yes!!! Wham! :boom: It’s a lot easier to reach the driver!


Ohh it’s about to get ugly up in here!!! :face_with_peeking_eye:

She left out the part where I had to pull the truck over. :grin:


:rofl: :joy: Love it.
My sweet wife just has to give me the “look”. LOL


Now THAT’s funny!!! :rofl:

I once hid the belt. I learned that it was not a good strategy as I got a double spanking when it was found. I learned not to do the sinful deed and not to hide the belt.


I am a believer of God’s word.

Proverbs 13:24
King James Version

24 He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.

I have two gen-Z children and my youngest is very caught-up with the trendy evilness. I pray every day that God gives me the wisdom and guidance to plant the seeds needed for them to have that "Come to Jesus moment,’ and see the wrongness of their ways.

I am always telling them the only peace we can have is through Jesus, man will never have peace otherwise.

I also have two millennial children, and they have had their own bouts with not believing, but they have since come back to seeking the Lord in their every day lives. I am very thankful for that.

I have also realized it is not easy raising children without God on your side.


Had a thought. What caused the ideals of generation z? Is it society or poor parenting by the preceding generation, the millennials, generation y?

The wife doesn’t chastise. I carry all the weight. Thanks be to God I know I’m doing it right. And my kids will thank me in the future. I’m sure. One of my daughters is gen z. She is slightly lost, but I pray God she will find The Way.
Hugs to all brothers and sisters


We have two Gen Z kids AND a Generation Alpha!! :scream:

We all just have to do what we can and raise them by sharing the Bible with them and praying for them. Teach them what is really right and wrong. Because the Lord knows, propaganda is spewing everywhere they turn.

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

I once saw this vinyl decal on a car and couldn’t agree more… it said:
“I’m just a God fearing mom trying to raise my kids not to become a liberal.”

You’re doing great Rodrigo!