Gaza hospital bombed: hundreds dead

A Christian hospital in Gaza has been bombed, hundreds are dead.

  • Israel says Islamic Jihad did it.
  • Hamas says Israel did it.

Would Hamas attack their own people?


How would Israel know Islamic Jihad did it?

Here’s some video footage…

Rocket barrage from Gaza, hospital explodes in center

Hamas misfired rocket?

Comparision of Hamas rocket sound and U.S. missle sound

Last video…

Actual footage of Gaza hospital attack

Which sound matches?

You decide.

This might be of interest to readers…

Without researching, I can’t tell you how many different types of rockets Hamas has, but here’s one example of the damage their rockets can inflict. Note the building.


i probably will get a lot of heat for this, but i can not help wonder if this has been all done on purpose. Israel has the most sophisticated intelligence and yet they were attacked by Hamas without any one knowing about it.? i would not put anything past Israel, to get what they want. everyone seems to be wanting to get in on this. De Santis is saying don’t let the people from Gaza in the United States, and why not??? we have everyone else here from all over, what is the difference now??? in my opinion Israel wants all those people dead and gone from their? land? some day we will all know the truth, but not now.

I have to agree that something doesn’t add up and smells. There has been conflicts from both sides for a long time. I am sure many of it is racial from the citizens which brings on pay backs from the authorities.

After looking at the history, the Palestinians have gotten a raw deal for a very long time. Not saying they are perfect, but many are good people and are paying the price for the narrative. We see that at home too.

My brother made the comment the other night that we need to go back farther in time and see that God gave the land to the Israelites, Jews. I told him that the people living there are not of the 12 tribes. Before the Holocaust, they didn’t want to live there, or they would have moved there. God took them out of the land He promised them for their stubbornness. Even after He had Cyrus send them back, they still disobeyed including the High Priest’s family, Jeshua.

To me, the true resettlement of that land is when the 2 sticks come together.

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