Gates teaches 10 year olds about sex work

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funds the International Planned Parenthood Federation with millions of dollars to teach filth and perversion to 10 year olds!

What am I talking about?

I tried to load the resource, but apparently the site is having issues or they took it down. Nevertheless, I found the resource on the web archive.

Look at this…

Gates is funding millions of dollars to the International Planned Parenthood Federation to educate children as young as 10 years old about sex work and other filth.

No wonder he and Epstein were pals.

No wonder why Biden says,

No anger gif…these filthy ones are “sad” to me, they produce disgust and anger in me. May the Lord come quickly, or admonish big-time sooner

God tells us to raise our children - He didn’t say have others raise your children. Protect them from the ways of the world - THAT is key! Make them aware of the evil that abounds and give them a good foundation to grow.

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