Full nude dating show is now a thing

Apparently, this goes on in the UK. Yet another sign of the times, a sign of our dwindling morality. Actually, is there anything left of it?

The streamer has imported six seasons of Naked Attraction, a game show that promises to “start where a good date often ends — naked.” In each episode, a single “chooser” critiques and eliminates six potential dates standing on a stage by scrutinizing their fully nude bodies, which are gradually revealed one part at a time (faces are revealed last). When only two potential dates remain, the chooser strips out of their own clothes too, giving the remaining two contestants the opportunity to critique them. The final couple then go out on a date, with their clothes on.

When are you going to add a PUKE emoji!!

Awe we are getting further groomed to accept some of the sex slave trade entertaining methods used for displaying the the children and others to potential buyers, but it is under the guise of fun innovated dating.

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Disgusting, another stupid reality show.

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Awww, isn’t that cute. it’s all in fun, even my preschoolers like it, my youngest says she hopes to be a contestant some day. She’s so cute! Hey babe, when you get another brew, ’ could you bring me another glass of wine?

And coming soon by a popular demand, the Walmart episodes.