For conservatives, it’s Christmas in July!

First, the Supreme Court axed affirmative action.

Then, they struck down Biden’s socialist student loan forgiveness con.

They weren’t done yet…

The Supreme Court also ruled that a business can refuse service to anyone, including the homosexual mafia. That is, if it’s due to a religious belief. Big Christian victory right here.

What a novel concept huh?

There’s a flyer on my desk right now, that tells me the company where I’m staying can refuse service to anyone, at anytime, for any reason. We’ve all seen that for years, but when it came to homosexuals, no, no, no. Thou shalt not refuse.

Well, not anymore!

Get this…

Instead of rolling with the punches, the lib Justices do what libs always do. Pout when they lose. In fact, they started taking stabs at the conservative justices in their dissenting opinions. So much so, Justice Roberts had to put the kibosh to it.

The last couple of days have been a good day in America. We can add these victories to the big Roe v Wade decision last year.

Let’s keep it up!