🚨 Folks, I'm having computer issues

Hey folks, sorry for no article today.

Get this… I started working on an article the other day, I took a quick break by stepping away from the computer, when I came back, it had died. I’ve had that machine for 8 years!

After a few hours of troubleshooting with slow internet, we think we have a bad hard drive. It’s going to take some time to get it back up. We’re going to perform surgery after we obtain the parts. :crossed_fingers:

All my notes are on that machine, but I’ll try and keep the articles coming until I can fix it and restore my data and/or get a new one.

Ohh, being the nice guy that I am, I pulled the dictator card in my household and commandeered the daughters laptop. :joy: Actually, she didn’t mind. :+1:

Hey, thanks for your patience!

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Oh man…that’s not a good start to the week. But that means it WILL get better!! On that note…I probably should perform a backup of my system.


Sorry to hear, but I’m sure you’ll get it worked out. Best!


I’m still alive, barely.

My computer situation has been a disaster to say the least. I had backups, but unfortunately those backups are broken — wait until you hear the story. So the kids and I have been living on the computer trying to restore our files. We’ve made some progress, but have other avenues to exhaust. I’ll hope to be posting again next week, but this is just consuming all of my time right now.

Thanks for your understanding.