Flat top griddle

My wife and I have been watching cooking shows and enjoy them. One guy had a show promoting gas griddles. we had to have one. There is very little a person can’t cook on it. wonderful addition to the patio. Made wonder why we waited so long to get one, It’s actually fun to cook on.

We are SO ON THE SAME PAGE!!! We absolutely love our flat top grill!! We just got one this spring and it is amazing. I never want to grill burgers again…ever. Smash burgers are the ultimate!! Pat (hubby) made up a sauce with mayo, chopped pickles, ketchup and horseradish. So the sauce with the onions and the aged cheddar cheese on grilled buns - nothing can compete with that!!

And the cheesesteak! Have you tried that?? We have now ran out of skirt, flank and hanging steak, but are now using sirloin steak. In fact, we are having that tonight! (smash burgers the night before) Grilled steak, onions and peppers and cheese on grilled sourdough bread. Amazing food right there.

And another - fried eggs and hashbrowns! The key to the hashbrowns is using clarified butter. Better than any restaurant I’ve ever been too. Although you can get real farm fresh eggs at restaurants nowadays.

What are some of your favorites???

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chopped Zucchini and butternut, chive onions, garlic cloves and spicy chopped chicken stir fry on a crispy flour or corn tortilo fast easy and delicious. no mess. I just realized I do not know how to spell tortilo

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Sounds fantastic! BTW…tortilla! :wink: We made the smash burgers one night on flour tortillas. And your right - so easy to clean up!

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Major sinage! :smile:

I can totally see the flat-top griddle for cheesesteaks though. By the way, when did you say everyone comes over for that again?

I like to flop the egg on top. Actually, I hadn’t made these in years until a month ago. Now my son is doing it. Oh, don’t forget once you grade the taters so squeeze the water out.

P.S. Your husband’s sauce sounds interesting, we like horseraddish!

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Kay, why do I always get the munchies after reading some of your post?

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thx, as many times as I have picked them up at the store I have never needed to spell tortilla :shushing_face:

Hey buddy, I used to say the same. Once you try a smash burger you will agree with me 1000%!!!

Yes! We do the same…after the hashbrowns are nice and crispy. We rinse the taters 2 or 3 times in cold water and then use a salad spinner to get the water out. It works great!

Side note: I grabbed the salad spinner that we hadn’t used in YEARS - a nice big one. Opened it up and there is a sticky note inside that reads “salad”. :rofl: Took me a minute and then it clicked. My dear son used to play with that salad spinner…apparently he was spinning the “salad”. By the handwriting, I could tell we hadn’t used the spinner for at least 6 to7 yrs! Gotta love kids!

And now I need to plant horseradish because we are using so much of it! :upside_down_face:

Yeah we’ve had um! I still prefer the grill, less grease! Haha I know that takes away the fun. The wife came up with some burgers the other day that were smoking. Who doesn’t like a burger?!!! :smile:

Hey I didn’t follow you on the hash brown deal. What’s your steps? Oh we might need a new thread! Haha

Yes kids and utensils! I remember the sounds quite well!

PS there was a mom and pop shop where I used to work. They made those burgers and they would have a “cheese skirt”. It was cheese about 3-4” all around the burger, outside of the burger and it was crisp from the grill. It was definitely good. Only had it once though, that’s a heart attack waiting to happen! :smile:

Always remember this - good fat is good for you and bad fat is not. We use 80/20 grassfed beef and tallow that I rendered myself. The “low fat” craze is not healthy, but you don’t want fat that’s laden with chemicals and avoid the seed and vegetable oils. Good fat doesn’t cause inflammation and it’s good for the brain! :slight_smile: Okay, I’ll shut up on that soap box now.

And that is an excellent idea with the fried cheese! I love fried cheese!

I’ll start a new thread for hashbrowns later and put it all the steps we do along with making our own clarified butter. Clarified butter enhances the flavor and doesn’t burn (higher smoke point) and doesn’t have the milk solid in it anymore.

I totally get you on the fat. I don’t listen to health stuff one way or the other actually. For me, it’s not so much a health concern, I just hate grease and fat. Don’t like the taste or consistency, and I can just feel it in my skin. Hence why I buy 90/10. :smile:

I’ll look for the hashbrown post. :+1:t3:

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Looking forward to that myself.
I have my bib on waiting. :yum:

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