Filioque. One more term to add to denominationalism

Hi Bran, I’m reading now about this term. It is one more thing that contributes to denominationalism. I think it’s a pity that mankind always does this thing, the schism. I’ve been raised catholic. Thanks God now in Christian. That’s it. And I read The Bible. It’s not that complicated.

My question: Bran, it seems some people do think that The Holy Spirit only comes from The Father. I feel the Three are One. Whom have seen the Son, have seen The Father, because they are One. And because of this, the Holy Spirit is The Son, too. But I don’t know how to search it in the KJV. In John 14:26 The Lord Jesus says The Father will send The Holy Ghost in His name. Which I think is enough.
Can you help me please?
Thank you

The one thing for certain about Christianity… We’ll find anything to argue about. We don’t need non-believers to do that, we do it to ourselves unfortunately.

Personally, I feel there is so much confusion around the subject as it’s a subject people force to fit a common belief. I don’t think it’s too complicated. I’ll leave you with this.

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Hi Bran, excuse me please, I’ve searched the Bible, though not the forum!
Thank you very much and excuse my blunder.

Ohh quick tip… You won’t find any of my articles on the forum, only the main website.

Study on! :open_book:

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Hi Bran, just read it! Absolutely interesting. It’s difficult to me at times, you know English is not my first language. But it is of primary importance.
One thing: The Lord Jesus, is not eternal like The Father, because He was begotten at one time, right?

You know, you’re the Solomon of current times.

You’re English is much better than my Spanish brother! :smile:

Scripture says Christ was begotten, I’m not sure what else we can say there. It sure is an interesting subject. I look forward to God laying everything out for us whenever we catch up with Him.

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