FBI: Hamas could be planning terror attacks on American soil

The FBI is saying, Hamas “could be” planning a terror attack in America.

  • Insert doom and scare tactics here

That’s right, “could be,” which means they may not be planning an attack at all, and people are making up horse business.

Isn’t that something?

Which reminds me…

Where’s ISIS, where’s Al-Qaeda, and all the “splinter groups?”

Ahh who cares, the darling of the hour is Hamas.

Ohh and never mind the fact our southern border has been open for years and decades. If the Feds cared, they’d have shut the doors yeeeaarrsss ago.

But they haven’t, and they won’t.

You know why?

You pesky Americans aren’t having enough babies! :baby:


Today, women are only pumping out 1.6 kids on average, but you need 2.5 brats per woman just to maintain the population.

Someone’s slacking on their duty…

Boys, care to explain?

So you see, it’s you, the American people, you’re the reason the Feds have to let in so many illegals, to replace you. :smile:

Come on…

If the FBI can play the “could be” game, then I can paint the big picture for you and have fun doing it! :+1:t3:

From the horse’s mouth

"we have the tools in place to empower the Jewish community in safety and security. These tools – from training to intelligence tracking to resources and guidance – are designed precisely to serve Jewish institutions in times like these.”

Thank goodness!!
Glad to know they have priorities in place. :crazy_face:

Setting the stage for the election year chaos?

I got my guns and ammo ready!


You need to loosen the rules of the site so Cozar and I can say what we really think. :rage:

The us government scares me more than the hamas. They are the real threat.

But then, you’d have to hear what I really think! :grin:


The Arabs/Muslims have been, and are embedded within the US Government, Military, and various otger areas. All tgat has to happen is for tgem to be called on, then the bombings will begin.

Remember the bombings by “good” American emigrants from the Middle East? They are still here.

I believe that to be true.