Fauci knew Wuhan was working on gain of function

On February 1st 2020, Fauci sent an email admitting Wuhan was working on gain of function viruses. Why was that kept from the America people during the pandemic?

This is great to know, but who’s going to do what?

We’ll never know the whole truth and nothing but the truth on this one.


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I am going to post this here…

We also have Robert Kennedy Jr., also making a note that some of these bioweapons are race specific. Hmm…

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Triggers Overdue Debate About China’s Secretive Ethnically-Targeted Bioweapons Research

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But many of us DID know…we were called “conspiracy theorists”. :roll_eyes:

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@Donna, thanks.

Everyone knew and predicted a pandemic was going to happen. I’m sure they’ll be more in the future. There’s tons of people all moving around from this corner of the globe to that one instantly.

Here’s an article I posted about that years back.

One more note, there’s been so many details in the last three years we tend to forget. But in March 2020, Fauci penned that Covid would have less than a 1% fatality rate, (link).

That’s just it, the term conspiracy theorist is distorted now. In the early days, it was reserved for some really outlandish stuff. These days, if you don’t agree with the mainstream media you’re one.

We all saw it, saying social media was censoring people was a conspiracy. :smile:

My biggest grip with the Covid Wuhan bit is that, whether or not Covid was an engineered virus, it was never a bioweapon. For Heaven sakes, it had a survival rate of 99.9%. Governments should have never ever locked down over it.

It was the psychological attack that instilled fear into people. People who trust people in white coats and stethoscopes encouraged them to take the vaccine.

I have maintained all along the vaccine is the true bioweapon. Of course it is a conspiracy theory if you look at all the young athletes’ and other people who have died of myocarditis after taking the jab–because it is not a “vaccine” in the tradition sense of the word.

My mother in law died in March, from a heart attack and had all her jabs (suggested by her doctor) even though she had a pacemaker and bad circulation. She also got covid in the course of all the jabs, as well.

Yup more stuff coming. They tell you what will happen through hollywood movies shows songs. Most are blind to it. Prepare your ark study matthew 24 and pray a ton.

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I have to say this - how would we know if it was a bioweapon? We don’t know what this virus does to the human body over time. Regardless of that part, it was also like Donna said,

We all know the brain and the body are connected, so I wouldn’t rule it out as a bio-weapon. Just like the vaccine.

The most important part in all of this is to use your God given discernment. Listen to people that speaking out on it. I don’t believe one single person will ever have all the details. It’s all about watching, praying and using wisdom.

At this point (or ever), there is no right or wrong in this discussion, we just have to put our faith in God and pray we do Father’s Will.

I hear you.

Personally, I don’t buy into all the vaccines deaths. There’s deaths, yes, but there’s lots of exaggeration as well. It was heavily promoted for several months from alt-right websites. Now a lot of that is going away. Did it stop happening, is there less focus, etc… What is normal, etc. I’ve read everything most people have and seen it. You’ve been around, you know I’m not pro-vaccine and didn’t take it. I just think some like to stir the pot on the left and right is all.

I just know during Covid, I had readers stressed the vaccine was the mark, their were nano-bots, and it was going to kill half the globe. That’s far fetched to me and it didn’t materialized. Those are the type of conspiracies that are really dangerous. I’ve seen it destroy people many times over the years, certainly a few during this last spell unfortunately. :disappointed:

At the same time, I understand people flipping their wig as well. Look what happened, lockdowns, forced vaccinations for some, and so on.

Crazy time to be alive, but we’ll get through it with God! :pray:t3:

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Yea the vax is Def not the mark. I explained to anyone that said that. I do not have it and can still buy and sell. 2 of my jobs required it :man_shrugging:.

No nanobots, no mark, but was it a bioweapon–yes.

Dr. David Martin Exposing COVID as a Biological Warfare Crime

Dr. McCullough: If COVID Vaccines Are So Bad Why Doesn’t Everybody Have A Side Effect?

Dr. McCullough: Gates Foundation Controlling COVID Response To Push Vaccines For Financial Gain

McCullough: Interest In Devastating COVID Vaccine Autopsy Study Skyrockets After Lancet Censors It

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I’m well aware of all of this material Donna.

I know a lot of these experts on the other side of the argument here also said half the globe would die within 2 years. Then it changed to within 5. It’s not going to happen, it’s not in God’s Word.

But I think we can all agree, it was a horrible event that has permanently altered our world.

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