Faith, Judgement and Being Counted Worthy - 2 Thessalonians 1

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The Thessalonians remained faithful to God, even during persecution, providing an example for other churches to follow. This persecution meant, they would be worthy of God’s Kingdom.


Thanks brother Brandon, a I introduced myself earlier our region nourishes more beliefs, hence am always overwhelmed with the ongoing menace epoch. This topic encourages and soothes my plights. Surely we ought to be faithful even to death (Rev. 2:10b). Be inspired fathomlessly and enriched with heavenly wisdom.


Thank you for another great study. And loved your words
"You know, it’s very easy to have faith when times are good, it’s during those difficult times when we truly prove our faith and love to God. "

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Hallelujah! what a Joy this will be when our Savior return for His people :pray::raised_hands::heart::innocent:. Glory Hallelujah

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