EV'S are they something we need?

There are some sharp minds in this fellowship. I’m curious how folks view this new trend that is coming our way at warp speed whether anyone wants it, likes it, or not. some of the questions in my mind are,
number 1 why?
2. Do we really think that that worlds energy providers may not be at the spearhead of practical energy sources ? Are there others who are not from the energy production field that know something energy providers don’t?
Energy providers plead that there is no other practical alternative to fossil fuels at this point intime. Are they lying ?

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When looking at the data regarding EV’s, battery manufacturing is many times more detrimental to the planet then fossil fuels.
The grid can in no way handle the amount of electric needed to charge the cars. Also, they never talk about how the electric is generated to do so.

Atomic energy works, but the amount of spent rods are now a problem. They are running out of places to store them for the 100+ years needed to make them safe.

How many wind turbines would be needed? Not even practical or possible. Hydro, the same problems as wind.

That leaves coal plants for the electric to be generated. Right back where we started.

With all the pollution controls on cars, are they really that detrimental to the environment? Would they really tell us?

Wherever the money is, that is where we will go for our energy needs regardless of how it effects the planet. A natural, free, energy will never be developed due to the select few cannot line their pockets with it.

Going green is the next new way to pilfer money from the masses. Other nations don’t come close to the restrictions being put on company’s here at home for environmental cleanliness. Why? Because we as Americans are dumb enough to go along with it and have our pockets milked.

‘Tiny homes’ are gaining popularity for some silly reason. That’s scary. Easy to see how that could become mandatory. :grimacing:

Probably built by the Gov and rented. You don’t have to like it, just show up.

Greta Thunberg’s dream car; it’s very environmentally friendly.

Flintstones' car

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Check this out Kevin; it’ll make your head explode, $20,000 for what amounts to a fish house. I can see the taxpayers being on the hook for these!


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I’m sorry, I don’t even want to get started on what I think about this topic and climate change. ( Hint, it’s not positive)

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A shed with a bed, no running water or toilet facilities. [still crapping in the streets]
Just $TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS$ But it has a cute planter box!! looks and smells like a corrupt brother in law scheme to me.

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist but i truly belive that there have been a least one, if not more, highly efficiant energy sources/generators that never made it into the public domain. It just seems odd to me that given the advances we have made in almost every other area of critical technology we are still relatively stuck in the early 20th century in the areas of power generation. Lets just pretend that tommorow someone finally cracks the problem of a self sustaining fusion generator. If that techology was easly repeatable and became public that would in effect mean free emergy. Can you imagine what this would do the the energy market. People, corporations and countries would go bankrupt overnight. Please understand this is pure speculation on my part and i have no idea if a scenario like this has occured but if i did happen, do you believe it would see the light of day?
It has been reported that current EV technology has been calculated to have a true effective cost of about $17 per gallon of fossil fuel equivalence (no way of guaranteeing this is accurate so take it with a certain number of grains of salt) not to mention the extremely health hazards of the mining operations and environmental concerns.

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Im right there with you on this one. Of course no concrete evidence on my part, but what I am pretty sure about…if free energy was available, there are plenty of people that would do whatever necessary to keep it under wraps! It’s pretty close to common sense…

Stephen, I have some of the those same thought’s concerning ‘do they know something we don’t’ ? are they powers that be suppressing some new technology because it wont be as profitable as the current method? They wouldn’t be able to harness, control or own it. They have already invested billions in infrastructure to produce the energy we enjoy now [and take for granted] And it costs them billions of dollars each year to keep them running. It has taken a 100 years to install the millions of miles of poles and wire to get it every house in America. Same with Oil, refineries, diesel and gasoline distributors, pumps and retail outlets.
you are absolutely right that if all of that was shut down rapidly it would be catastrophic.
The U.S dollar is not backed by gold today, it is backed by OIL, GAS, ENERGY production. in my opinion. I don’t think the average citizen has a clue what all has to happen and be in place for them to be able to flip a switch on the wall and the lights come on. It is not magic.
Remember that commercial ? ‘you gotta crack eggs to make mayonnaise’ That is a profound truth that applies to almost everything when we really think about it. You know and I know that you can not make something a reality by wishing it to be so. It seems to me that we have a generation of people in charge now that believe that you can. I hope we don’t all suffer and freeze to death until they learn what we’ve already known for over two hundred years.
Aint nothing easy, aint nothing free. if a person is enjoying something, another person [s] or animal sacrificed to make it possible. I gotta go with what I know. Have blessed thanksgiving.

It’s amazing to see just how many conspiracy theories seem to be proven true lately.

Aside from the infrastructure involved, I believe Nikola Tesla may have been very close to creating “free energy”. however, when J.P. Morgan who was Tesla’s financial backer learned that Tesla’s plan was to create free energy for everybody, Morgan ended the project.

Nikola Tesla is an interesting study. If you search “Wardenclyffe Tower” you can learn about his wireless energy project. It’s also interesting to note that upon Tesla’s death, the US Government immediately swooped in and carted off all his notes and files, some of which they still refuse to release.

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This reminded me of an old friend whose job was “egg cracker” in a mayonnaise factory. He said it didn’t take a lot of brain power, so he had a lot of time to think about the book he was writing.

haha I would imagine that would be a mundane job. But it has got to be done right? :roll_eyes:
Happy thanksgiving Oldman

Right back at you Kevin! I smell turkey cooking. :heart_eyes:

I’ve read most of those theories and no doubt some of them are probably doable but require a massive delivery plan. If you transmit electricity there has to be a a method of receiving it or ‘if you will’ funnel it into your home. All of that existing hardware in every house and business in America would not be compatible with the new technology. Uh’o gonna take 50 yrs and a trillion dollars to retro those millions and millions of homes and businesses. and another 50 yrs of monthly payments to for the financiers to get their money back and another 50 years to make enough profits on their investments to make it worthwhile for them to even consider going ahead with it. Something that massive does not happen over night. If they have started moving forward on 20 years ago you and I will never see it become a reality. Many things are on the horizon, but you and I will never realize it. Do you agree?