Evil And Violence Have Taken Over Our World

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Have you noticed the massive increase in violence? Violence is increasing all over the world, not just here at home. Remember when people used to hold doors for each other, smile, and wave? Those days are long gone. It seems violence, anger, and rudeness have taken center stage in society. Within just days, a lunatic…


I recently finished the book of Kings and Chronicles. I saw exactly what you were seeing. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought about how God was feeling - seeing His children worship all these other gods.

I loved reading about Hezekiah! He was a man king that fully trusted in the Lord. That’s when I really got it - how in everyday life, you need to put that trust in Him. Screw all the worry and the garbage going on in the world - God is in total control and He told us over and over and over to trust Him and abide by His laws. It’s hard to do sometimes, but that is what this world is to teach us - it’s for practicing our faith. Putting our faith in God, even when it’s difficult to do. We need to do it over and over again - it’s practice for when the anti-christ comes.

One more thing I need to add. I took a mini-trip up to the UP of Michigan. Life up there is so different. It’s simple. People live in simple houses, not extravagant houses - just plain and simple houses, some are similar to little shacks. I admire them! Many drive older cars and don’t feel the need to buy a new car every few yrs. just to show others how well they are doing (when actually, most of them are just getting further and further in debt). They make the ones they own last a long long time! That is what I would be proud of. And going into the stores - people say hi and hold the doors and are kind. Small town life. There are areas in northern Wisc that are the same. Yes…the “trendy” world is slowly creeping in to those places, but they have a ways to go before they get vain like so many other places.


yes, some fairly decent kings, other very bad. We do see that today…rather than the lessor of 2 evils, we really have a simple variance, some better than others—yet, none perfect.

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Upside down world fer sure.

Violent crime is now allowed.
No bail etc.

If some slime bag tries to do a home invasion on you when you defend your family
Just tell the police you were trying to rob the home invaders.
If not
They will arrest you for defending yourself and family.

Car jacking, defend yourself and again say I was trying to rob him.

Today the criminals are always the victims if you defend yourself.

Sounds crazy I know but I am not kidding.


Something I have observed also; the days and nights are going fast. I have talked to different people (who have faith) who also agree that things are happening quickly. I know that evil things are happening more and more, and I think it is because Satan knows his time is short.

Revelation 12:12

King James Version

12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.


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Hey Donna, I just read your comment. It does seem as if time is flying by much more quickly as the world becomes more lost and wicked. Thanks for sharing and for adding Scripture.


As a christian i agree with your analysis of the state of the world and the evil goverments
Alas, when you take sides politically you have forgotten the words of our Lord,stay away from the world,machinations only God is in control of it all,so to vote is to get involved and won,t change God,s overall plan.Moreover,you seem to think republici sm is the answer ? I will just end this missive with Nixson,Vietnam, Reagon,Iran et al.God Bless.

Morning Robert and welcome to the forum!

I’m with you, God is in control, He always has been, right? If the Republican comment was directed to me, I certainly don’t think they’re the answer. Boy, I rail on both political parties. Nether party stands for God, according to their politics.

I do think Christians should be involved with everything in life. It’s what we’ve been called to do, spread the Gospel to the world. If we lose our rights, then we cannot accomplish that goal. If you read the Old Testament, you’ll see that God always had the Israelites do work. God could have destroyed their enemies anytime He wanted, but He always had Israel do it for themselves. I think it’s a fine example for the hour in which we live.

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Hi Brandon ,thanks for the reply.I understand what your saying but,apart from spreading the gospel,our Lord said.stay away from the world be of it but not in it,as if watching from the sidelines as the madness unfolds.I truly believe we are in the last days & its useless hoping for answers from any human government
.kind regards ,Robert.

Man’s government is for the birds, isn’t it?

I’m with you on the Last Days, it’s my hope anyway. However, if we sit on the sidelines and don’t intervene. What if you and I are wrong, and we are not in the Last Days? If we all don’t do our part to protect our Christian rights, and we are not in the End Times, we may just wake up to no rights at all.

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