Everything's Expensive! What Do You Think?

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It’s Friday and inflation is still running hot, hot, hot! Joy, huh? I tell you what, inflation is crushing the middle class. It’s gotten so bad, people can’t afford real houses anymore. It makes me wonder how my kids will be able to afford a place one day. It’s not like the old days, you…


Hey things are looking up in my part of the jungle.

Winn dixie has Hellman’s mayo 30 oz on sale for $9.00. :crazy_face:
Yes, $9.00 for mayo.

It gets better, if you spend $9 for the mayo they will toss in two cans of tuna! :yum:

That’s right what a bargain.

I am asking myself why am I typing this when I should be headed there now for my tuna. :innocent:

Now lucky you, I said lucky you can own one of these mama jamas for the low low price of $200,000.
For that low low price, you get a whopping 400 square feet.


Somebody is getting rich on that deal. Since moving out of Florida (to get further away from Cozar, :crazy_face: just kidding my friend) I called a tile contractor in Florida who did some work for me. He said the price right now to build in the Orlando area is between 165-195 per square. I am building a home right now in NC for way less than $500 per square.

The other reason prices are high is due to the logic that all the jobs out there should be career paying jobs. When they even mentioned minimum wage should be $15/hour, most would not work for less. I sorry, but Taco Bell isn’t a career move.
Plus, most don’t know what hard work is anymore, right Kevin?

If a good education is ignored, in certain areas, you’re done. To me it is a fix, the higher education is through the roof to even give one a chance. If I had children, I would push them into the trades. Those are being ignored by the youth today and down the road, with the shortages in the trades, a good plumber will be like a neurosurgeon.

The clown in California now wants to mandate $50 per hour. It is all relative. If the guy who asks you if you want fries with that gets $50 per hour, what should a contractor or beautician make?

I pity those who have children coming up. Don’t know how they will even do it. It’s all in the plan.


Being a fisherman, you can catch tuna. :smile:

No problem SnowMan, I still luv ya Buddy. :innocent:

  1. Are you able to afford housing? Fortunately the Good Lord blessed me with the ability to make a good living in my youth and i now own my home in Tenn.

  2. Are you in the home you want to be in? Well i wish i could down size at this point in my lifde. Taking care of my 1 acre lot, the house, etc. Is not as much fun as it used to be and yes, much more expensive as it used to be. I would love to downsize but i refuse to have a house payment at this point in my life and with the cost of new homes, even dowsizing is not fiscally reasonable.

  3. Can your children afford a place of their own, if they’re of age? Unfortunately, i have no children of my own. My step children however are managing but they admit it is more of a struggle these days.

  4. Do you find yourself cutting back on the essentials? Well since my retirement i do find myself having to be much more thoughtful about groceries, clothing, etc. especially over the last few years.

Over all, as i stated previously, we have been very blessed and i thank the Lord for this.


I bought a mobile home (in a park) in 2017. Paid off that, and retired about 3 months after that. Inflation is really hurting me now, because of the basics alone…to the tune of about $600/month (about 15%). Now, I do eat organic and 100% grassfed, lots of animal product, and supplements. But my energy expenses have basically doubled for me…and I am and have always been very conservative in my usage…single mom and all that for years prior. (and my dad’s German).

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I eat only the good tuna…minimal mercury, they say. And that did not go down in price. And my salmon…wild alaskan, went up about 15%

I noticed this yesterday, only $20,000. Of course you will still have to put in a well, electricity, sewage system, heating system, driveway etc. I’m not so sure it would do well in the north country. How about you Kay, do you think it would hold a Wisconsin snow load? By the way, has your snow melted yet?

Amazon Sells these tiny house kits.

HAHAHA!!! It’s snowing!!! They said no accumulation…ummmm…WRONG…AGAIN!

And with that snow that we have had this year…I highly doubt it. Our snow has been WET and HEAVY.

NOTE: I will be responding to this article soon! Trying to get a few things done first. I have A LOT to say…but I will probably delete most of it like I usually do. :wink:

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Yes, I agree, it is. But this is also a good opportunity for people to learn. There are a number of things that people spend money on that they really don’t need. We’ve been led to believe that we need all these things and services, when in actuality, we do not.

One thing that really got me was this tidbit:

“it now costs $310,000 to raise a kid to 17!”

That’s if you are buying into what they think your kids need. Kids don’t need to keep up with the latest styles, they don’t need expensive phones, parents don’t need to outdo each other on birthday parties and such….and of course, the kid’s sports today are not the same as they were. They have made that into an entire money making industry within itself. It’s truly sad.

Now for the questions:

1. Are you able to afford housing? Yes, we are blessed to own our own home.

2. Are you in the home you want to be in? It’s fine, but would rather have an old farmhouse with a root cellar! And…our area is growing so much that we want to get further away from people. BUT, for the time being, we are staying put so I can take care of my mom that lives across the street.

3. Can your children afford a place of their own, if they’re of age? Not of age yet. But I can see that being an issue if this keeps up which I expect it will.

4. Do you find yourself cutting back on the essentials? Nope. But what others call “essential” we probably do not.

The key to being able to live comfortably is to be able to take care of yourself. But in the world we live in today, we are taught to have someone else do everything for us. Hopefully in times like these people will learn to do things for themselves and to help others that are unable to do those things. Whether it’s fixing a vehicle, home repairs, or whatever. People used to be able to take care of themselves…but then looked what happened. We were all marketed to, day in and day out…conditioning us that we need to buy everything…all for the “convenience”. It’s sad.

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That was my first thought, what is the R value of the walls. Plus, you would have to buy it outright including all the hook up things you mentioned. I doubt a bank would finance any of it since you can load it up and haul it away.

And where would you be allowed to put it getting past the zoning laws?

Where’s the kitchen? Hello Doordash.

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My husband and I are retired but buy Gods grace we work part time to keep up! Years back we bought land that was 8 acres it had an older mobile home sitting on site a very expensive well in ground which the land did not perk. We paid 60,000 for it. The mobile home was not beat up but we fixed it up till we had the property paid off! It took us 3 years. So then we started remodeling. Inside and out. Everything was replaced with house grade material. We built a big front porch a back patio carport. We added a detached garage. We bricked from the bottom and put siding on. We fixed it up beautifully and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Our taxes are low and so is our light bill. People don’t want to live like that they want these expensive big houses. We had one got rid of it! We have about a 1,000 square foot that is gracious a plenty. I thank God for it!


I really think it’s a matter of ‘what a person is willing to settle for’. The U.S is still the land of opportunity for young people with faith and a dream, common sense and the unwillingness to except mediocracy. Willing to put the time and work in to make it happen. ‘Sweat equity’
If there is the will, there is a way.
Snowman, I’ve noticed that some educators at least in my state are talking seriously about bringing vocational teaching back into the high schools. Wow! ya think? There are way too many young men that don’t even know the difference between ‘come here’ and 'sic’em
I guess I notice it more being a tradesman. They are lazy and soft. Reminds me of the quote Brandon shared with us ‘weak men make hard times’ no truer words ever spoken.

$200.000 dollars for a tiny crummy house, on a crummy little lot and narrow crummy driveway. $20k down and 360 payments of approximately $1800.00
depending on the interest rate. I’m curious who the primary buyers are? If it turns out that they will be considered ‘the smart ones’ I’ll be all the more glad that I’m nearing the end of my journey.

That’s how it’s done unless mommy and daddy gives you wads of cash.
I’m sure a nice home on 8 acres would bring a tidy sum. That’s awesome!

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You’re living my dream! Hoping to be able to do that one day.

AND - welcome to the community!! Hope to hear more from you in the future!

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I’ve cut back on a lot of things and no I’m not living in the home I want to be in and now it’s out of the question to have that 5 acre land with a nice home on it these days. With my husband having his cancer and treatments it’s really insane!!God takes care of his own but I know how to prepare for the future and I’ve learned to live on less these days and not go without anything. God bless those that just can’t keep up…i feel their pain. I am so ready for the true Christ return because God didn’t promise us this mess!


That is what we want for our retirement, some seclusion, peace and quiet enjoying God’s nature and beauty. Good for you.


So sorry Anitra, I can only imagine.