Everyone’s a false teacher except me

I thought this was a good read and it’s a good reminder not to be so close-minded and assume we have it all right. Not a soul does.

Just because someone believes differently than us does not mean they’re a false teacher. Sometimes people make mistakes, sometimes they are unlearned, and then in some cases, there are liars and deceivers among us.


That’s a very good point to ponder! And well said. I have questioned
this subject for years. Thanks for sharing Brandon, you don’t know how much
your hard work and loyalty are appreciated. I have learned for my own peace of mind to pray before I read and look up all scripture that is presented and test everything! As we are
instructed and let the Holy Spirit guide us. It’s so precious when He gives
us peace in our heart and understanding! I have been involved in your studies for several years
and have a peace in my heart with what I have learned, may God continue to bless you and all of us. A lot of good people found here on your WEB! :sunny::dove:


Couldn’t have said that better myself! Absolutely love this community and appreciate all the hard work Brandon does.


Why thank you Kay, and you are another loyal and friendly face that I enjoy seeing what you have to say! I do much more reading in here than I do commenting. I don’t get the chance that I would like to get in here and participate more. All in God’s timing, I take care of my elderly mom who is 89 and also my husband who is 78. We believe in taking care of our own, especially now more than ever. But I do pay attention to what’s going on here and in the world. Just watching prophecy being fulfilled and seeing more and more of God’s people coming together and growing (iron sharpens iron) hanging on to our Hope and sharing with who so ever will listen. And Thanks for the information that you sent me. I’m sure that it will be an eye opener! See you around the WEB! :rose::dove::heart:

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Calling people false teachers (and Kenites, etc.) has been one of my pet peeves over the last couple of years. But I will admit that I’m guilty of “thinking” people are false teachers at times and then discount any word of theirs I read. But as of late, I’m working on being more conscious of it and remind myself that not everyone knows all truth. I pray to God for guidance and discernment daily to help all of us gain knowledge and truth.


We also believe in taking care of our own. I’m taking care of my mom who is 88. She still lives alone, but lives across the street with my brother not even a mile away. Also a sister that’s about 10 minutes away. So together we are helping her to stay in her own home.

Now in your case, you are taking care of two people and if you are doing that single handedly, you need to make sure to take a break. I pray that you are taking care of yourself. <3

And thank you for the kind words. I, too, believe more and more Christians are coming together at this time. Especially the ones that don’t have a brick and mortar church to go to.

Now…the embarrassing question - What information? I can’t remember what it was! (yes…I’m totally embarrassed…)

That article was well written. Too many times lines are drawn over denominational nonsense.

One is the rapture theory. Whether you believe it or not, if the requirements are met and the circumcision of the heart is present, you have the bus pass. If the “all aboard” comes early of later, the important thing is to be packed and ready.

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What you said right there I have been trying to put into words for a long time. Thank you!!

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Oh, well now it’s my turn to be totally embarrassed. :yum:. What happened is I read the article about the lies that the Media have been telling us about the climate changes and you posted a really good read with a lot of details and information in it. Well I saved it to read later, and made note that it came from you. So sorry for the confusion! Guess we got our laugh for the day​:blush:

And yes, I can relate to what you were saying about judging or just being Leary about all of the false teachings that are going on out there. I too am making a conscious effort to not judge people because of their beliefs and or misunderstandings. We live in such a fallen world, and some people are truly seeking the Truth! Thank God that He knows our heart’s. :rose:


Yes I totally agree, it is a well written article. Detailed and he made some really good points. I love it when the Holy Spirit teaches us through others and in ways that we don’t even realize that it’s Him at the time. But sometimes when we may be thinking that we learned something by chance it’s actually when the Holy Spirit is at work! If we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you for your input!