EV Cars go "BOOM"

This is a direct quote from the sheriff’s office.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office advises, “If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle that has come into contact with saltwater due to recent flooding within the last 24 hours, it is crucial to relocate the vehicle from your garage without delay. Saltwater exposure can trigger combustion in lithium-ion batteries. If possible, transfer your vehicle to higher ground.”

I love my gas truck more each day. :innocent:

They can shove their EV mandates up their rear.

Our communist mayor wants all EV’s for police and fire rescue.

So the fire truck and paramedics go “BOOM” on the way to your fire or medical response.


Ya they are Def a prob. Not much we can do with an ev fire but dump lots of water for a long time. Even cheap toys with lithium ion batteries are issues going off in homes starting fires and injuring people. In the last few months in Jacksonville I know of 3 ev fires starting in the garage then catching the house on fire. One was a loaner ev from Mercedes, the lady had it parked in the garage not even charging and some how those batteries started cooking off then her house was on fire. I Def don’t want one.

Funny, I didnt see that in any of my headlines… :roll_eyes: