Don’t Be An Unteachable Christian

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As people, and especially as Christians, we’re to always remain teachable. What does that mean? It means, we should never think we have it all figured out. If we do, we most certainly fell into a trap. What kind of trap? An ego trap. Ego traps are the worst, and the most common traps known…


I often have a high impression of me, just seeing the world around me.
Suddenly I find myself obsessed with seeing my kid excel at Fortnite… I just love it, but at the same time i converted it in an idol…
Later on, I humbled myself before The Lord, and I realized that I’m no better than anybody… I only strive to be worthy of salvation, but I fall short many times. So many times.
Don’t judge and try not to loose the narrow path!


Brandon, who wrote the tablets not included in the Holy Bible. It states in Genesis that ther are two Enoch’s. one was first born of Cain and the other was first born Of Jared descendant of Seth. That Enoch was the father of Methusalah and grandfather of Noah. Which one wrote the tablets that were excluded from from the Holy Bible? I would really like to know.