Does The News Matter?

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Does the news matter, and does it really benefit you? Think about how many hours a day, week, month, and year you spend watching the news or scouring the internet and social channels for it. Would you believe, on average, it adds up to 7 hours a week?!!! For 7 hours a week, the average…

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I have lots of thoughts on the points you made in this article. I don’t have time to tackle all, but here’s one thought I have on Tucker:

So the first thing I thought when I heard the news that he was fired, was “What are they trying to distract us from?” and “What do they have up their sleeve to divide the people even more?”. Note - I haven’t watched Tucker or Fox News at all for years now. What a breath of fresh air that has been!!!

Now let’s think about Tucker’s life. He got into the business slowly but surely - getting into it deeper and deeper…all the while, being brainwashed himself! Day in and day out - he was getting brainwashed as to how to present the news. He did have some excellent insight to topics, but, let’s not forget - he was in his own reality. So maybe a light did turn on in him after the shock of being fired. Maybe God is lifting the scales from his eyes. We shall see - even though I know it’s hard to get out of that reality once you have been in it for so long.

I compare the media a lot to our medical field. Brainwashed - unable to use simple logic to help people. Scientists fit into this category as well. So I rarely blame individuals as we don’t truly know their heart…only God knows.

As for me and watching the news. I don’t. I will read the headlines and occasionally an article here and there - just to see what performance they are on.

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I have to agree with most of what you said. I think [ most] but not all] people who have lived 50 yrs plus and have been around the block a few times have developed a very accurate radar for detecting BS. ignorance and stupidity, friend or foe etc. When I try to watch the weather, it sounds more like the Indy 500. The same hype, overstated facts, shouting, to insert excitement, and ultra drama. That’s what sells tickets. They are actually performers. I use a weather radio, calm, very clear report of what’s going on and where. No speculation or theatrics.

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Some of your best work Brandon.
I was a Fox guy many years ago. It was God’s news channel I thought. Wow so naive. Over time I realized it was all hyperbole, lies and click bait. Now I don’t even have cable TV, don’t watch any news but yet I am more informed than ever. Zig said it best….


I wanted to add to my previous comment. My wife being a house wife and being content in her world, she never thought about or noticed things that were not central to her day to day routine. Opposite of me She wasn’t familiar with world events or politics at all and couldn’t have cared less. She would get upset with me when at social gatherings someone would say something that would trigger me, and I would go into a rant embarrassing her and she would be quiet all the way home. I’m sure that is why we started to avoid social gatherings and eventually stopped altogether years ago. Then came eight years of Obama and his ‘change’. By the end of his second term she began to pay attention and became sincerely concerned about where our country was headed. Boy, 'did she begin to change. How did we [as Americans] let this happen? What’s wrong with us? she would say. I would say, 'your beginning to sound like me honey. She began to listen to all of those boring spiritual and political podcast’s 24/7 She learned about the democrat and republican party and who the players were by name, she new what GOP stood for [grand old party] I didn’t. She has became very vocal about her spiritual beliefs and stands very firm. Our adult children were concerned , Dad, 'what’s happened to mom ? luckily it started to rub off on them and they too are becoming more spiritually aware. It’s nice not to be the only kook in the family.
The right media can be a good thing to get people thinking as long as we weigh that info with
our own knowledge and gut feelings and not except everything we hear as the gospel. And of course the only way we can be sure it’s the gospel, is to read the gospel until you fully understand it. only then , can we no longer be deceived into forsaking our birth rite.
My wife and I’s 50th year of marriage has been the only year that we fully understand and know one another and truly appreciate each other than the previous 49 put together.
Shocking when we think about it until we realized it was all a blur. Just a small flash in time. However the results are eternal.

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You know it sounds like God’s perfect timing! I have been seeing a few people lately that are waking up to truths. Lights are turning on and they are beginning to really think for themselves.

Sounds like God is allowing the seeds of truth you are planting to sprout. :orange_heart:

it does seem like when we start approaching the late fall of our lives we tend to reflect more and begin to realize the truth about life from the knowledge we have gained from experience . Experience is the best teacher. ‘Tried and true’ so they say. I think that’s why when we get older and read the gospel we understand it more easily than a young person. Everything Jesus says is familiar because we have experienced it and then we think wow! he said this 2000 yrs ago, He knows! I’m not alone, never have been.
Friends come and go through your life, even the ones you thought were your best friends drift away eventually for one reason or another, But Jesus has been there all the way, he knows you better than you do. he watched through all the trials of the good ,the bad and the ugly and knows our heart. Who we are and what we are and yet, 'he is still with us and still loves us, guiding us all the way towards him and everlasting life.

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I think the j6 info (the info that only one segment was allowed) is related to the election (machine finagling) .a direct line. It was less than a month on that info that squeaked by on a huge platform, that tucker was canned. OANN was canned for running the pillow guy’s symposium. Those exposing big/foundational lies that hurt the liars, will be taken out of play.


I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

On another note, I honestly don’t know why people are surprised that advertisers have a say in what the message is on television. That’s only been going on since the dawn of time. This is nothing new.

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Listen to the Mocking-bird.

Mocking-bird media that is.

Eyes to see and ears to hear…but I believe there is even more to it than this. Now he’s gonna have a show on Twitter…Musk getting people to get back on Twitter. It’s all a show, a big theatric show. I just watch and laugh. :slight_smile: