Does The 7-Year Tribulation Begin When Satan Appears?

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The Tribulation does not begin until the Antichrist appears, and once he does, Daniel’s 70th week begins. I go in-depth to conclusively prove this prophetic fact.

  • “He” spreads “abominations.”
  • “He” confirms a “covenant with many for one week.”
  • “He” causes “desolation” at “the midst of the week.”
    I like that 3 breakdown on activity…reminds me of Rev 16 (and other), about “false prophet”, “beast”, and “devil”. I think there is a matchup of the activity. I don’t think that for items 1 and 2, that the devil would need be here on earth to do this, but for item 3 at the midst of the week, I think that is him. I’m not thru with the reading yet, and and thank-you for responce.