Does Israel Have A Right To Defend Itself?

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I sense some uncertainty among the Christian faithful. So let’s talk about it… Does Israel have a right to defend itself? Let me say it loud and clear. Yes, Israel has a right to defend itself. I’ve seen this swirling around out there, even in the media. Everyone has a right to defend themselves, it’s…


Agree with everything you said. pure ol’ common sense. We don’t only have a right to defend our ground, we have a responsibility to ourselves, community and to God. You are the man of of the house. However, once the threat is neutralized, there is a fine line between defense and aggression where you can step out of being ‘right’ and being a criminal yourself. We had a case of a young thug who robbed a pharmacy and was armed, he was only sixteen but was armed and was a wanna be or future gangbanger. He pulled his gun in the store and the cashier was the same guy that had been robbed and harassed by this kid many times.
He pulled his gun from under the counter and shot the kid. the kid was able to get up and stagger/run out the door, the cashier followed him out of the store and and shot him [7] more times. The sixteen year old is in the ground and the cashier will die in prison. No winners.
I think at least Brandon can see the comparison to the subject of does Israel have a right to defend itself.

Who else here would have liked to see Brandon do this article in a video instead??? :person_raising_hand: :laughing:

I always thought, in the back of my mind, if Israel was in the middle of Africa, there would be no advantage to support them.
We use them as a steppingstone into the middle east for our own gain. The “God’s chosen” would not be as strong a narrative as it is now.

As antichristian as many of our politicians are, do you think they really believe they are doing God a solid by standing up for them.