Does anyone else use Obsidian for notes?

I recently started using an open source program called Obsidian for note taking. It’s pretty slick and easily allows you to link to other notes you’ve taken, along with tagging to keep things in order. The system just uses text files to store your data on the back end. So if the program ever goes away, hey, you still have all your data!

Love it.

Anyone else using it?

I see there are some options to download the Bible and actually pull verses into your notes. Last night I found three different options for the KJV Bible.

  1. The entire KJV Bible with backlinks
  2. Authorized Version (KJV) with some unique features
  3. A new Markdown KJV Bible Obsidian vault: simple, with navigation and study helps

I haven’t tried any of them yet.

When I do, I’ll drop a note in here.

Here’s an example of a personal note I put together last night.

You can also export your notes as a PDF file to share with others.

I think this is going to be pretty useful!


That’s pretty slick, it was created for you network engineering types. :joy::call_me_hand:. Jk buddy. I’ve never heard of it but it may be worth checking out. I’m still using excel.

I use esword for all my bible studies. It’s free with lots of bible versions, commentaries, maps, tsk cross reference, dictionaries, notes, fairly easy to work with and VERY convenient helping with your bible studies without ever having to open books. I’m able to see and do everything within one screen. I use a laptop but, there are phone versions of the app.

Just an update.

I ended up going with #2 on the list, the Authorized Version (KJV). Since it’s the AV, it’s what I’m used to. I’m already enjoying the feature to reference and link in verses. Now I’ll have my notes forever, no matter what programs come and go with life.

Good deal!

I’ve been using eSword for a long time. I never was a fan of it’s not taking format though. So I’ve always used something else for all my notes, not just Bible.

One word of caution on not opening books. I have found that people have modified some of the Bible commentaries and slipped in their own words. I actually reached out to the developer of eSword on this back in 2021. Here’s a copy of that email and the added content.

Happy studying!