Do You Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated?

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All throughout the Bible we find this message, these are the words of Jesus Christ no less, but how often do we apply these words to our life?


Although I know these things, I am a sinner, no doubt. However, as a general rule, I am mindful of how I treat others, because even a smile can make a person’s day.

I know as a Christian, that if you are good to others, and do your level-best to follow God’s will, that is a great testament for other’s to see who I really am.


The hardest part on the treatment road is that many times it is a one-way street.


I was a sales manager for a very good family owned company that sold and serviced quality home improvements for 9 yrs. I was the person that went out to measure and close the deal. That was the best education I could have ever received about PEOPLE. I learned during that time, that the people who would proclaim to me several times during my visit that 'I am a ‘Christian’. are the hardest to please and the slowest to pay. In fact, the only person to burn us out of 2500.00 was the wife of a preacher who was driving a new Mercedes. That is sad when you think about it. When boasting to be a Christian signals that you are a thief, or an a-ho, rude, self centered. Not a very pleasant person. The best paying people were the old people, of any race. very pleasant and good natured people. Invite me in, offer me something to drink, or even invite me to have lunch with them. Those people I would give my personal cell number to them in case they were displeased about anything. Real Christians do not need to verbally identify themselves as such. It is outwardly obvious quickly to other Christians. I read once, 'A true craftsman will never boast of his skill, his customers will. Amen. Many times I have treated someone badly and instantly realized how ugly it was and attempted to apologize or ‘run’ depending on the persons size and how unforgiving the person appeared to be. :rage:


So true. Anyone bragging about anything means they don’t have the goods they claim. Seen it over and over again. Being in the service industry myself, it was almost comical to run into the church people, my church years ago, and see how they acted not knowing who I was since it was a big church. When it came to money, look out.