Do you know where your meat comes from?

So I’m curious as to how many people know where their meat comes from. With all the craziness going on with our food supply (which really has been going on for decades) I think people need to be more aware.

A few years back we found the Grassfed Beef Co-op and we were buying a 1/2 steer about every 9-10 months. We’ve now switched to a whole steer…due to our son being a teen. Yes, its just the 3 of us, but my husband and son are BIG eaters and we all like good meat! :yum:

In fact, you know the craze of “Meatless Mondays”…weĺl we like All Meat Mondays! :cow::ox::water_buffalo:

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You would have to ask this guy.

He was the probably the first to experiment with petri dish chicken.

Simon B. Sinister

No trust even when I think I know lol

curious, do they offer 100% grassfed and finished? or would they if you asked them?

100% Grassfed and finished! It is amazing meat. And we tried many different places. I also get the leaf tallow. Love that it is all vacuum sealed as well. Josh Miner is the guy I chat with. They just switched processors, so this will be the first time ordering with the new processor…

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Not s big meat eater anymore unless its bison or 100% grass fed or organic. So expensive i dont do much even tho its just me. Mostly fish or beans, kentils and oeanut butter and nuts. Edamame is excellent in alot of nutritional value. Snack on it. Its great for you.