Do Wives Have To Submit To Their Husbands?

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Scripture clearly states, wives are to submit to their husbands. However, husbands are to love their wives as themselves. Let’s go over the details.


I asked the wife her thoughts on this today.

She said she would get back to me when I finish doing my chores.

If the husband and wife have equal standing, that means the wife is the boss - you always have to check with her - and there is only one leader. Men, stop being cowards and making excuses for your cowardice - you’re unfit to lead. Do you appease your wife, family, parents, co-workers, boss, etc? - then big trouble is headed your way. The world is full of bullies and cowards - don’t be either one. It is an honor to serve a worthy man.

I tell people, I run my house and I have my wife’s permission to say so.

Why did the Bible translators leave out that verse from Proverbs?

“Women, thou can’t live with them or live without them”. :innocent:

Edited to say my wife gave me permission to post this.

In a Godly house man and women have a mutual respect for one another and each recognize and assume their roll and responsibility according to scripture. That is a blessed house. anytime either one loses respect for the other, vows are broken that dissolve the love and the trust that held the house together, and that house will crumble unless there is sufficient grace in his or her heart to sustain it. In almost all cases the man who sets at the head of the house will be charged and not the woman ‘or the children’. A mans accountability to God is greater than that of a woman. That’s what I get from scripture and what I’ve always felt in my heart. Heads up! young men. realize the seriousness of entering into marriage is a huge responsibility, if you fail them you will be held accountable before God. Oh’ it is a BIG deal.

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I think it’s because of pride. We humans in the flesh are full of it. With this moderation from God Almighty, omnisapient the families prospered for thousand of years. It’s pretty clear we are equal, made of clay. If not, man could fly or whatever, but he can,t.
What happens when mankind lost sight of this moderation and of The Word per se, the family unit is destroyed currently. Society is full of divorces, the pride doesn’t allow families to prosper. It’s sick. But Thanks be To God we can manage this. I’m my case I am far from this, honestly.