Do We Obtain Salvation By Faith Alone?

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We are saved by faith alone, however, it cannot be empty faith. You’re going to learn, that faith and works are intertwined, and we are even judged by our works.


Excellent read and I like how you expounded on the meaning of faith. True faith is what it’s all about!

I remember finding a quarter laying heads up when I was a kid. That! was a major find and I was so exited and thinking what all I could buy with it, not 1, but two candy bars and a pop.
when I picked it up I sensed the weight wasn’t right and I turned it over my heart sunk. It said Token only. I felt cheated and even angry. Even then , I put it in my pocket thinking somehow it had value or maybe the next time I looked at it, it would be real. At least I felt better just having it my pocket and making believe it was a quarter. I rode my bike the rest of the day and several times I took it out and looked at it, ‘still fake’ and I grew tired of the make believe
and realized that it was worthless and threw it away.


Love this more than you know! THAT is what it’s all about!!

Kay, I wondered if anyone would make the connection to the topic.

James 3:11 thru 13 is a clear example of faith without works.