Digital ID Arrives In California

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You and I both knew it, it was only a matter of time… Digital identification just arrived in California. It’s being rolled out in the form of a digital driver’s license, what California is calling an “mDL.” Here’s how they sell it… The mDL offers a quick and secure identity-check at airports, without handing over…


“They must think society is filled with fools…”

And right they are!


Anyone who hasn’t seen this coming for years is not paying attention. I had a dream several years ago that a very small canister shaped chip was being implanted in people and the canister contained two tiny compartments containing a powerful neuro toxin that could be released in the blood stream causing temporary paralysis and the other a lethal poison and either could be released remotely by law enforcement when warranted.
Way out and weird huh? The more you think about it, the scarier it gets because you know the technology already exists and that it will likely be a reality in the not so distant future.
Like Brandon said, When control technologies are rolled out, they always sell it as a ‘warm fuzzy’ ‘for you own safety’ technology. Gee thanks!

Another day closer. Hallelujah. We knew this was coming. I believe its been in the making for many many years. It will come upon us quicky as a flood too. God bless us who are called by our Lords name. Lets roll.

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I do not and never have had a cell phone. I have an old school land line. You would not believe the looks when I tell people
I do not and have never had any social media accts, unless you count this forum as social media. This is the only place I have ever commented and I read alot of other forums on the web.

I do not know what exactly I am going to do when I need a computer in my hand to buy and sell or travel. I guess I will go dumpster diving and walk.

I also hear rumors that by mid Sept. the covid lockdowns start back. In Ireland, the hospitals just put mask mandates back in force. Not sure how people are going to react here in MS. Bubba might get upset and just say no. I also read that our Gov. Reeves is backing the digital currency even though he is a good Christian republican…

God Bless You all,



you are exactly right about the mask return. the covid vaccine 'that every person should have, regardless if you have never been vaccinated or had all of the shots. This shot is awesome, you need it and it’s is good for you.