Did You Hear What Schumer Said About Israel?

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I know some of you are thinking… Who’s Schumer? He just happens to be one of the wizards that run our government. Yep, Chuck Schumer is the Senate Majority leader and he’s a flaming Dem, if I can say such a thing… So ol Chuck slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In case you’re not…


Then also, too many jews that are not of our brother Judah, have taken over so much all over the country of Israel, and around the world. They cause so much trouble for our brother and always have and will continue until GOD will take control of that and them once and for all, at the 7th trump.

Seems like a globalist is worried about rocking the boat. It’s like “religion” power is only used when it’s convenient

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Bibi responds…


An awnry old buzzard and a sneaky side winder

We ain’t no dad blasted democracy either.

Classic example of 'when you try to please everyone, everyone will hate you.
America stopped being one nation ‘under’ God , 7 decades ago . We are now very much so one nation ‘over’ God . That is the only reason why America is crumbling at a rapid pace. Many believers in Christ including me feel like America is the great whore Babylon refferenced in Revelations.