Did Iran Attack Israel, Or Retaliate? A Prophetic Message

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It’s all over the news, Iran attacked Israel. In fact, this was an unprecedented attack. Iran has never attacked Israel before. So why now? “Well Brandon, Iran wants to exterminate the Jewish state.” Now friends, these are the times when you really have to take a step away from the herd. These are the moments…


The US has been planning this war for a while. In 2012 our unit helped the MDA build a satellite farm aimed at iran to know if they launch anything. In 2021 we were building a huge base in Jordan because they are moving the qatar base to there because its too close to iran they say. This is all been planned and false flags will happen. You don’t spend billions on this stuff to guess.

So who exactly is the West ?

USA. Most places ive traveled everyone hates us. Can’t blame them lol.

It appears the kenite jews are alive and in full force in that tiny nation, and active elsewhere as well. These are not of our brother Judah, as you are well aware of. They are indeed powered by evil - real-life troublemakers, always were and will remain so until they are no more. We learn that satans kids are all about evil, murder, stealing, deceiving, and destruction; it is all they know to do, there is no Light in them. And they will continue without ceasing. What we are to do is share GODs Truth with whomsoever we are able too and leave them to their task…GOD is using them to fulfil HIS master plan. One day it will be finished, and HE will remove the evil rudiments from off the face of the earth so they will not be able to interfere with those that need learning rightly have the opportunity to learn it. They will get the chance, what they choose to do with that glorious gift … time will show.
My share is that we cannot nor should we try to interfere in the Plan of GOD. We can share HIS Truths and encourage HIS People to seek it for themselves and if they need assistance GOD has provided a few good teachers, and pray, to be able to make it to the end standing for and with FATHER through and with our LORD, Christ and KING.
Reading Jeremiah and Lamentations is the exact thing that happened (albeit physically then) shall happen spiritually in the not too far future from now. The deception, famine and sword (spiritually speaking) will be likewise to then as devastating. Those, like Jeremiah, that know Truth and see it all happening, will no doubt weep in anguish watching those deceived be devoured and destroyed. It is a very sad Lamentation indeed. If you decide to not post this, it is okay. I felt I wanted to share it with a fellow Christian as we are all seeking to learn.


Look at this…

Israel wants to be able to hit Iran anywhere without reprisal. These people are insane.

Would you allow someone to abuse you without response? If so, you’re being BULLIED.

The response will also reportedly be designed to make plain that Israel will not allow the Iranians to “establish the equation” they have sought to assert in recent days. This was an apparent reference to Iran’s warning that future Israeli strikes on Iranian territory, including its international diplomatic premises, will henceforth again be met by Iranian retaliatory strikes on Israel.

According to sources quoted the Monday report, Gallant also told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that “Israel won’t accept an equation in which Iran responds with a direct attack every time Israel strikes targets in Syria.” - Times of Israel


There cannot be a rule or kingdom that is pretty “theocratic” for the one world (beast #1). The belief system (religion horn), must be subdued. Our country sure just got subdued with the new biden “crew” running the current pres. Biden is incapable of doing anything currently happening. So, what do we see in that crew? Well, there are several powerhouse positions that are run by “anti-christ” people who claim to be of Judah. imagine this…right in our face. So, with these folks, as they also attack Christian beliefs in USA, it makes sense that Iran must be “taken” as well. That religious type “governing” body just will not fit. I wonder, will Jerusalem proper look like it’s about to fall, then satan comes to save his own? Maybe. Or maybe this is just an ensample…re: the last 3 eclipses over USA (Israel proper), also might be simply a sign to watch or stay on the watch-wall…or more than an ensample.


I would call the “west”, the lions…most of them are “Christians” and/or of true Israel stock, which have congregated primarily in nations (land) given by our Father. (Europe/USA)


According to the Iran International news on April 4, the slain Iranian commander was involved in the planning and execution of the October 7 attack against Israel. My husband found this article as we could not understand an unprovoked attack. There was never any reporting of this in the main stream or political news, which is odd. I would attach the article, but don’t know how…

Thanks for the note.

You can just drop the link into your post (copy/paste). I think this is the article you’re addressing (link below)… I don’t know if we’ll ever know the truth. Israel is always attacking Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. I suppose it goes both ways.

I did note, the news outlet linked below has no offices in Iran. Only Paris, Washington, and London… :man_shrugging:t3:

The U.S. led world order, the international “rules-based order.”

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