Desperate Democrats Divide Nation

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The elections are now just days away. They will decide which political party obtains power, and reigns over the people. Each political party has their finger pointed at the other, explaining they are our problem. The fact of the matter is, both political parties are our problem, but few of us realize it. There’s no…


My opinion of politics and politicians. :face_vomiting:


Spot on - it’s all a game! I have no faith in the government…ZERO. I put all my faith in God and His will. He chooses who our leaders are. I have decided not to vote at all. I believe the elections have been rigged from the very beginning.

With all that said…I thank God that I was a Trump supporter as it opened my eyes. I also stop myself when I want to rip on Biden or Trump supporters as I now realize, we are all on our own journey. I vow to keep planting seeds and allow God to sprout them. <3

I like the club analogy. They win the elections, dine on fine wine and caviar, use the media as tools to throw scraps out the door to the masses and many fight amongst themselves as if they make a difference and their officals even care about them.
When the antichrist gets here, all he is going to need is a bag of lolipops.

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Hey get your head out of the clouds and vote for common sense reality!! People should see what’s happening under this non-democratic party which has straight so far from the old Blue Dog Democrats like Humphrey in my own state of Minnesota that it’s early God damn pathetic and ridiculous how anybody could vote for the Democrats now okay this is horrendous God forsaken reprobates trying to pass their agenda of gay lgbq and every matter of all kinds of reprobate Behavior okay it’s obvious the FBI is under control doj all under the thumb of our current Administration going back to Trump as well it is so manifest what’s going on open your eyes so-called Christians and see the light of day! Please don’t be a bystander… faith without works is dead!! Stand up and be counted and be a real Watchman on the wall who’s willing to get down from Humpty Dumpty Christianity s e l a h Hallelujah blessed be the name of the Lord

What are you trying to say here? I don’t understand the point you are trying to make?


In keeping with scripture, man will pollute himself, morally, ethically etc. to the point of Sodom and Gomorrah. It is written so it will be done. Looking historically, you can see the slow decline and deterioration of the masses. Even the church.

There are prophecies that are given for a specific time, and they will not be changed. It is going to get real bad and it won’t happen over night. The masses are woven into the thinking that they can change these things in a non Godly way. It won’t happen. We will never have a man-king who has a heart like David. Speaking the Godly truth is a nonvote by the masses.

The leaders we are given are for our punishment. None of them do what they promise. The “club” will not permit it to happen. The Godly will serve their purpose and wait for the end.

I believe God gives us the gift of discernment. I know that the democrats are trying to take God out of many things and deceive us daily. I know there are republicans who do the same. However, when I get out to vote, I ask God to lead, guide and direct me to make the right decision. I prefer to fish out of the right side of the boat.

Has anyone seen the documentary by, Dinesh D’Souza: “2000 Mules?”
Has anyone seen the documentary by Bev Harris: “Hacking Democracy?”

We need to demand change in our elections and get rid of electronic ballot counters and computer voting. Paper ballots and hand counting is not foolproof but, it is better than what we have now, which we know, is definitely, primed to be rigged.

I think the more people that vote on election day, they have less of a chance to rig the election numbers. We saw in the last presidential election how they stop the count, in the middle of the night, for some nonsense reason or another, this should not be tolerated.

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I agree - the election of 2020 was a fraud. And I used to believe that they couldn’t control the 2016 because of the overwhelming voter turnout - but now I’m not so sure. If they didn’t want Trump in office, they would have stopped it. I feel that they needed to have Trump in office to continue the division in the country to take it down. Of course I don’t know for sure if this is true, but that is what my gut is telling me. They need that back and forth - just like what happened in Samual and Kings. There is nothing new under the sun!

As for changing the way we vote - going back to paper ballots and hand counting. We can demand all we want, but I don’t see that ever happening.

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Dearest KK you don’t seem to be okay?? Anyway have faith and lift up your eyes unto the hill there is hope!! God is working at the Grassroots level of people that are rising up against this corrupt government all over the country bolstered by the Godless media now blaming the Christians a la carte Blanche Mika and the other guy who calls himself Morning Joe what a couple LOL when the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord will rise up a standard!! I’m sorry but the people on here seem so negative it is unbelievable that you can even have true Christianity under the guise of Doom and Gloom that I am reading here wow! Especially the snowflakes wow Donald Trump kisses nobody’s arse as you say especially Ted Cruz lying Ted blah blah blah my first pick in the primary was the neurosurgeon with a very strong Christian testimony I think you know his name?? Anyway I want to kill two birds with one stone maybe you and the snowflake person I don’t know if she’s a man or a woman whatever in a culture that doesn’t know the difference especially our Supreme Court justice!! LOL but anyway I want to ramble through here and point to the fact that God is in control but that doesn’t mean we should not vote. Please people that is so so negative of a attitude that just smells bad okay!! Holy crap K God works through our decisions we are salt and light on this Earth we are sovereign Kings here on Earth and queens and we don’t flaunt it like the other ones do LOL be fruitful and multiply wow consider that!! Trump puts his money where his mouth is wow he could have made an extra $5 billion dollars by now if he wouldn’t have got involved in politics consider that snowflake wow judge not one another less you be judged accordingly by what measure he met it should be measured on to you!! Our god reigns but only through people that are willing to do the work okay wow that is our privilege here and Duty as Christians to fight the good fight check out Timothy keep on keeping on WOW get back to the basics!! I also sense condescending attitude on your part k like you’re above this spiritually or something wow I could tell you my journey if you’re willing to listen!! Skip to the Lou My Darling that’s what my wife calls Lou Dobbs wow he would not be happy with you dear KKK k a y anyway I think this Foreman Forum needs more farmers ones who are willing to get up and do the work and be with the people as a former farmer Rancher cowboy and preacher take up your cross and follow him deny yourself first and last and then you will finally have a blast!! To obey is better than sacrifice in excelsis Deo shalom shabbat shalom Baruch Hashem Yahweh the only Hallelujah way

Hmmm…I really had a hard time following what you said…I’m sorry…maybe you’re using voice to text? But I want you to know that I certainly don’t think I’m above anyone else and if you feel that way you have got me totally wrong! Like I said, I don’t know if I trust Trump anymore. I may be right and I may be wrong. I voted fro him twice. And I certainly understand everything that you said in your original comment. I didn’t say you were on the wrong path - and I certainly didn’t mean it to be condescending at all. I totally respect where you are coming from. I get it! I’m no better than anyone else here on this platform…or anywhere for that matter.

And why would Lou Dobbs not be happy with me? I respect the fact that he left the network bc they were not allowing him to speak about the election fraud. He stood his ground.

As for voting…my decision to no longer vote for the lesser of two evils is where I stand. I’ve prayed about it and I’m still praying.

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Yeah you just need to put your foot your feet to your prayers and get involved on the local level and vote your conscience and interact with people of faith that are involved at the local and state and Federal level! This is not rocket science He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, it is sin unto him. Check this out and give me this reference please it’s in the Bible as you know! Lou Dobbs would want you to vote okay that’s all I’m saying thank you very much God bless you kay yes you seem like one of the most practical people on here and I would not like proper example of what it is to take initiative in the community! Please share with us what state you’re in and what local city and what’s your involved in in the community please maybe I can help you with some of the candidates there but I’m sure you know how to do that LOL God bless k k a y

Yeah I don’t understand the lesser of two evils thing it sounds like a branding deal by Brandon LOL if that’s the way you feel about maybe you should enter into the political spectrum and be salt and light as a political leader for God Amen and amen put your feet to your prayers

Lol…Brandon did not coin that term, i can assure you! In prior elections I said that I was voting for the lesser of 2 evils…this time I am not going to partake in any of it.

As for my local elections…I wanted Jonathan Wichmann as he appeared to be a God fearing man, but the RNC wouldnt allow that to happen. Ron Johnson doesnt do it for me either…he is a lot of talk, but no real action.

As for me running…nope. I take care of my elderly mom and homeschool.

Amen Donna I like the way you preface the fact that when you go out and vote that you actually do go out vote for the candidates the best in the race at the time no one’s perfect but we must work through our local and congressional districts as well as the top floor! Also check out the guy who was exposed most of these voting machines as false along with Mike Lindell there is a guy called Jovan Pulitzer check out his research on the fraud that goes on what’s in the back door of these machines and their algorithms etc etc thanks again Donna

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