DeSantis targets unions, school boards with ‘Teachers Bill of Rights’

I really like what DeSantis is doing.

Education is the number one priority. It’s been pummelled by the left for far too long. We need some checks and balances and that’s what he is doing.

  • DeSantis unveils “Teachers Bill of Rights” that would give teachers the go-ahead to oppose their school boards if they believed their policies were against state law.
  • He also proposed banning teachers unions from automatically deducting dues from paychecks, imposing stricter term limits on school board members and changing the state constitution to allow school board candidates to reveal their political parties in what are now nonpartisan races.

Amen to this!

Desantis: “I think the dominant view is not the right view, the use of higher education to impose ideological conformity, to promote political activism, that is what the university should be.

That is not what we believe is appropriate in the state of Florida. Instead, we need our higher education system to focus on promoting academic excellence, and the pursuit of truth, and to give students the foundation so they can think for themselves.” - DeSantis: "We Are Going To Eliminate All DEI And CRT Bureaucracies In The State Of Florida" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Way to go Ron! Our children’s future depend on their parents courage to protect it and re enforced by our communities, municipalities, state and federal governments. Unions should be outlawed from city, state and federal employment positions.