Depressed Kids WSJ

Found this interesting.

“If you were told at a young age that your country was founded on lies, remains racist to its core, that democracy is hanging by a thread, and none of it matters because irreversible climate catastrophe is just a few years away, you’d be depressed too.”

“Nearly three out of five high-school girls in the U.S. who were surveyed reported feelings of persistent sadness or hopelessness in 2021, a roughly 60% increase over the past decade, new research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.”

“It’s not just young women whose depression rates have surged — it’s specifically young liberals, with liberal teen boys actually faring worse than conservative teen girls.”

“Conservatives reported lower average depressive affect, self-derogation, and loneliness scores and higher self-esteem scores than all other groups.”

I take it that’s from the WSJ?

I might have had that article pulled up, but didn’t read it. Hey, when all you immerse yourself with is imminent doom, that’s what it does to people. There’s doom to be found everywhere. It never builds up, but it always tears down. I’ve seen it for years.

Yes, the Wall Street Journal. This is what the news does to people every day.

AOC just gave a speech on her global warming nonsense claiming the earth will be destroyed in 12 years. Saying the cost of going green is irrelevant.

When the flesh life is all you think you have or care about:

Co 15:32
If after the manner of men, I have fought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantage it me, if the dead rise not? let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we die.

Per Big Pharma they just need more antidepressants.