Dallas church opens pregnancy center with abortion resources

I love it!


This isn’t a Christian church, this is a heathen church.

It’s the “First Unitarian Church” which teaches what?

Let’s pop over to their “what we believe” page to see what we can find.

Low and behold!..

If that doesn’t say it, then perhaps this will help…

  • “We are people of all ages, people of many backgrounds, and people of many beliefs.”
  • “ Some of our members identify themselves as Christian, while others identify as atheists, agnostics, humanists, Jewish, Muslim, and pagan.”


I told you, it’s a heathen “church.”

If the world got any more messed up, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

Story: Dallas church opens pregnancy center with abortion resources

i use to think that there would be lots of people going to heaven when this all ends, but honestly/? i don’t think that way anymore, not unless there is a big revival to take place, i think we all should pray for that! AMEN?


I always wondered why the good road, eye of a needle, was narrow and the other road was wide. With the world the way it is now, a goat path would be big enough for those who truly stick to scripture, and you need a San Fransisco freeway for the rest.