Crazy People Run Our Country

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It doesn’t appear that anyone running our country has any marbles left upstairs. Just months ago, the Republicans told us a red wave of change was headed for our nation. In reality, the tide never came in. The Reds managed to win the House, but left the Senate Blue. Yet, it didn’t take long for…

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sign me up for crowd funding!!does this mean you are going ROGUE???

At some point I believe “they” will be brought down…now, how that happens, I do not know? (Deadly wound) I believe things have to get bad for Satan to come down, as the anti-christ, peacefully and prosperously.

I never understood how anyone could vote for something without reading it first. We are being run by children. Sad thing is, they have not cornered the market. Look at the nut jobs who vote them in. All you have to do is go out in the real world and talk to people for a day and you will see. Watch judge Judy to see the true logic. Make a visit to Wal-Mart.

All the fuse over the senate. The reds would have to have an 80-20 margin for it to mean anything with all the closet blues on their team. In reality, there wallet comes first, and most are purple.