COVIDs officially over woohoo!

That’s right kiddos, you can take off your maskies now. Biden and friends said COVID is gone.

Isn’t this something though?

We need the government to tell us when it’s safe to come out of our dens. The truth of the matter is, the “national emergency” should have never been signed to begin with. When that paper was signed in 2020, it forever changed our nation for the worse.

President Joe Biden on Monday signed into law a Republican-backed resolution that immediately terminates the coronavirus national emergency first declared in March 2020. The measure ends the national emergency a month earlier than the Biden administration had planned.

Wow! I read the article and listened to the rambled empty words on the clip, the heartlessness of the people involved with this motion picture game play, really boils me.


So I can finally cough in public without death stares. Ahh life is good.

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