Covid paranoia is beginning again

The doomers on both sides of the aisle are ratcheting up fear over Covid again. It’s almost unbelievable to me. This primarily comes in the form of the rumor mill, which I won’t repeat here.

However, here’s the fear I caught in a quote from the World Heath Organization. It concerns the latest and greatest Covid mutation.

“The potential impact of the BA.2.86 mutations are presently unknown and undergoing careful assessment.”

So essentially, they have no clue, but hey, we’ll scare the snot out of ya anyway.

This fear was repeated by Scientific American in their article, Why a Highly Mutated Coronavirus Variant Has Scientists on Alert. Their article begins with,

Research is under way to determine whether the mutation-laden lineage BA.2.86 is nothing to worry about — or has the potential to spread globally

The same empty line of fear. These people are crazy nutters in doom doom land.

Then, Hollywerid is bringing back mask mandates.

Aren’t they closed down anyway?

Not to mention, a college in Atlanta, and Rutgers will still require vaccines and face masks. So there’s a little bit of noise out there, not much, but there’s some.

Oh, but the best article of all comes from Science…

The vaccines were always a disaster. Record timing, and experimental vaccines. No, thank you.

So I say, while the doomers spread fear, us Christians will spread peace through Christ. I’m not going to let anyone scare me into anything. I didn’t the first go round and if there’s another, I won’t this time either. Instead, I’ll spread peace and Christ. ✟


I say call it the Suppository variant because that is what they can do with it. :innocent:

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I am going to share a post from Mike Rowe (you know…the dirty jobs guy). It’s pretty funny!

Mike Rowe
18 hours ago
Happy Monday
Over the weekend, while booking a flight to Los Angeles, I got a message from the airline telling me my flight would probably not take off as scheduled, due to a tropical storm called Hilary. So, I canceled my early morning flight and booked a later one. Then, I heard that an earthquake had shaken the LA area.
Unlike Hillary, this earthquake was not assigned a name, but it’s presence nevertheless got my attention, and made me wonder if perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something? A tropical storm and an earthquake…at the same time? Hmm…
I was rethinking the wisdom of traveling at all this morning, when I received an alert that Maui was begging tourists to either stay home, or go home, if they were already on the island. Lahaina was gone, burned to the ground by a wildfire with no name. What an absolute tragedy. It made me wonder, though, why fires and earthquakes are never anthropomorphized, but tropical storms and hurricanes are. And what about twisters and tornadoes. Why don’t they get names?
Before I could research the matter, I got word that Governor Newsom, out of an abundance of caution, had declared a “state of emergency” in advance of the heavy rain headed for Los Angeles. Then I received an “urgent” warning from a site I didn’t know I followed called IFL, which I think stands for “I F@#&king Love Science.) IFL wanted me to know that “Eris” was on the move, and that I shouldn’t travel unless “absolutely necessary.”
“Eris,” I said, to no one in particular. “Who the hell is Eris?”
According to The World Health Organization, “Eris” is a “variant of interest,” a subvariant of Omicron that should be more closely watched than the other 35 variants because of mutations that might make it more contagious.” The article IFL shared on it’s site encouraged me put my mask back on - especially if I insisted on traveling - and to make sure my vaccines are up to date.
There were many comments, as you might imagine, to an article such as this. The most lively, was started by someone who posted a link to a place where anyone can get a counterfeit vaccine card. “This way,” they said, “you can have the freedom you need to live your life, along with the confidence that you’re no more vulnerable to Eris than those lining up for their sixth booster, without all the dangerous side effects of filling your body with an untested medicine.”
As I poured over the outrage on both sides of the vaccine debate - and the absolute certainty of everyone involved - I couldn’t help but wonder why a “subvariant of interest” gets a name, when so many other sub variants get nothing but a few numbers, a dash, and a letter? And what kind of name is Eris, anyway? Since Delta has free Internet, (the carrier, not the other variant) I was able to learn from google that Eris is “a feminine name of Greek goddess of discord, that means strife.” Interesting. I also learned that Eris is “sure to help baby embrace their dark and mischievous side.”
Oh, Eris, you little scamp!
It was a lot to contemplate, but I decided to tempt fate, and fly to Gomorrah anyway. I nearly missed my flight, and who knows - maybe I should have? But I didn’t, and now I’m on my way. If I see Hilary, or Eris, I’ll send your regards.
Frankly, I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.


All kidding aside, I am going to sleep better tonight knowing that Biden knows how the people in Hawaii feel since he almost lost his corvette due to a house fire. I am sure they do to even though their relatives and friends can’t be found after the metal melting heat seemed to take away any trace of their existence.

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@sNOwflakes and @Cozar - Glad I missed that :poop:show! He came to Milwaukee the other week (which is a bit south of us) and I didn’t even know he was here. But I was questioning all the military air traffic we had…

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wow, I could not give you a bump on that comment. Maybe the flipping off was not inappropriate here?

I wish I didn’t miss your comment, I am super curious now. I would have probably agreed with you.

More hysteria making it’s rounds…

If you’re against this, and you think Covid was overrated, then please do not comply. Otherwise, if we have Covid 2.0, we only have ourselves to blame.

Well, you know the majority are going to comply - because they love all their worldly things!

I’m re-organizing and ramping up my herbal remedy pantry. :smiley:

My Father takes care of me. Thats the only Doctor i use and trust. Healthy as a horse. No shots for me. Such interesting times we live in. Everyone i know thats taken shots and boosters have all sorts of medical issues. Ive noticed paranoia too. Hmm. Is that part of the vaccine? Of course Satan loves this. Hes getting alot of followers through fear, which our Government is number 1 in promoting. I started reading my bible from the start. Going through on my own with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Its amazing. Im in 1st Samuel. Our people have fallen short from the very get go. Weve literally rejected God. Then we see now whats happening and can you blame Father? Absolutely Not!!!. Over and over He has warned us. Repentance as a Nation is what is required. Unfortunately im not seeing it but among Christians. Pray without ceasing brethren for our Nation. Intercession works. God bless you all. :pray:


I just loved starting from the beginning of the bible and reading it through! Of course I got side tracked and dipped into a few other books, but now I’m back at it. I just finished Psalms.

My thoughts on the Repentance as a Nation…I’ve changed my thinking on that. I no longer think it is a physical nation, but the Christian nation that needs to come to repentance. I don’t see our old USA ever coming back - it’s gone too far.

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Yup I’ll be holding out again.

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I wish I could say that if masking and lockdowns became a thing again that people would have learned their lessons and push back. I think the reality is that most people who complied before will comply again, which is really sad. I would be the only one without a mask at my local grocery store getting evil looks again, oh those were the days.