Corporate America Jumped Off The Woke Wagon...

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Have you noticed, the radical “woke” agenda has taken a step back. A big step back. I mean, it’s all you used to hear about. Now, you’re hearing about it, but a lot less. To me, the whole Bud Light tranny beer stunt was the last draw for many. I mean, Bud Light’s message was…


Yes, I am noticing it. I just saw where Governor 'Sanders of Arkansas signed a bill banning
all government employees from using Idiotic woke wordage. Saying that Arkansas rejects such non sense. Way to go Sarah :ok_hand:
Yes I have noticed. I just saw where Sarah Sanders, Govenor of Arkansas just signed a bill banning woke wordage and terminology. Referring to it as nonsense. I think people have had a belly full and are speaking up.

I think if we use money as a tool (and not just something valuable to hold in great quantities), then we can use this tool to support morals and good by our spending choices. The Bud incident is proof.