Columbia University says, the omicron booster doesn't work

Columbia University and the University of Michigan found the omicron booster failed to show any benefit over the original COVID-19 vaccine.

Imagine that?

How many were pressured into getting a vaccine with no benefits, but potential side effects?

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Wow, really, who would of thought, yuk yuk. must think we are dumb as rocks, and they are pretty dumb, because they don’t have a brain, just like our government.

We knew they weren’t working! Neither were the original jabs. The reason for the jab was NOT to “slow the spread” or stop COVID-19 - that was NEVER their plan with this jab. It’s sick and evil!!

BUT…there is always a positive! It taught a lot of people how to take care of themselves.
As soon as all this started my husband and I researched and found new ways to boost your immune system. The key is Quercetin, Zinc, Vit C and D3. All FOUR! Many skip the quercetin which is essential bc it allows the zinc to get into the cells. And even more important is the quality of what you are buying. Know the ingredients and know where they came from. ALWAYS make sure there is 3rd party testing on your supplements. The amount of crap on the shelves (and online) is enough to make you shake your head.

Our family hasn’t been sick - not even a cold or a sniffle, since this all started! I take that back, my 15 yr old got a mild cold once since the “pandemic”.

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