Colossians 4

Full article at: Colossians 4 Commentary | World Events and the Bible

We discover how to treat those working under us, to deal honestly, and continue in prayer. To always speak with grace, while answering questions about our faith.


I loved this series and I’m excited to see which book you do next. God bless!

Edited to add… @brandon, maybe you should do Romans? The first couple chapters are quite relevant to the month of June.

Great suggestion Kay.

I’m working on a different book, but perhaps I can re-post a study along the lines of the subject you’re probably getting at.

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Regarding the book you are working on…don’t keep a secret for too long! :stuck_out_tongue:

This time I’m going to read the book first, take notes of verses that stuck out to me, and then compare your study to mine. I did that with Colossians, but didn’t take notes…silly me. But it’s interesting to see what others see when they study. I get a lot more out of a study doing it that way. :blush:

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I hope it’s Daniel!!

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Great job Brandon, I’m looking forward to reading your next study.

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