Civil War Among The Israelites

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Civil war has appeared in various cultures over time, the Israelites are no exception. In fact, God was involved, even taking sides in the battles.

I appears to me as though civil war is already underway in this country. albeit not full blown yet but in the first stages and I feel it’s irreversible. Both sides find the other unacceptable and neither side is willing to compromise and won’t ever! One side is standing firm on their spiritual
convictions and the other despises them for it, and rejects
God and spirituality altogether while taking a hammer to their moral compass. We are entering into a war against evil, same as the wars you mentioned in biblical times and for the same reasons. I think I was in the 1st or second grade when the lords prayer was taken out of public schools. I remember how scary and confusing that was and even at that age sensed that something bad is coming.