Christians are more loyal to their political views than their faith

~59% of Pastors say Christians are more loyal to their political views than their faith. I’ve talk about this in the past. It’s so real, it has many pastors walking away.

Is God more important to you or politics?


I think you could also frame this question as " is God more important than man " given that i don’t think you can effectively separate politics from a group of politicians that espouse an agenda for how all should be ruled. With this in mind, God trumps politics. Nothing is more important than God. Yes I am a strong believer in my conservative values but I believe my conservative values are rooted in Gods laws.
I believe God gives us all the freedom to choose how we live our lives and no man or group of men (or women) have the right to tell me what is right or wrong, what lifestyles are good or evil, what i can or cannot say nor who or whom not to worship and when or when not i can do this.
I am loyal to no specific politician or political party as i don’t believe any politician or political party truly places God first over themselves. It is a terrible thing to say but it appears to me that you cannot be a successful politician in this country (and maybe in any country) without casting dispersion on your rivals and lying to please to current audience.


I can’t even think about a pastor giving up on his flock. the article didn’t state whether they were young pastors or seasoned pastors. i have to say in my opinion that they were young pastors. what are they teaching these young pastors in bible college or where ever they go to get their knowledge of God and the Bible. i believe most pastors have that calling, that they will not leave. things are a lot different now then in years past. what say you?

Well said Stephen.

I’ve been so interested in these sort of data points over the last few years. Many pastors are being driven away from their duty by Christians who are more concerned with politics or conspiracy than Christ, (2 Ti 4:3-4). It’s hard to run a church when the pew is focused elsewhere. I get a small dose via my inbox, but some of these guys get it face to face, day in and day out. It has to be taxing.

I’m with you on the conservative bit. God’s Laws to a large degree are natural law. A man and a woman make a couple, and their child completes the family. That leaves no room for same-sex relationships. Lying, cheating, and stealing are universal laws of wrong doing.

@Gwen I’ve read a lot of articles like this, there are tons of polls out there. Polls conducted by Christian organizations who nurture and help pastors. They report this sort of thing across various ages, not just the young. In one instance, an older pastor quit the church due to conspiracies. He didn’t stop preaching, but he left to go elsewhere. If the flock doesn’t want to hear, there is no sense preaching to them.

These days, I find people using the faith more to support their political positions. Think about it, how much time do people spend reading the news, looking up conspiracies compared to going to church or reading the Bible or a study?

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Remember when they were close to executing Christ? They cried we have no king but Caser! Seems like nothing has changed today. How many times are we warned in the Word to trust in Father only. You trust in man you are blind to his/her faults that will drag you down with them.