Christian Passover — 2024

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I’m going to discuss the original passover, and explain how Jesus fulfilled it through His sacrifice on the cross. I’ll also provide a calendar so you understand when Christian Passover begins.


That is an excellent break down. Some of the confusion comes at the end of the day. Is there a specific time other than evening, dusk twilight? I was told it was 6pm??


Glad you enjoyed it.

It depends on perspective right? This was originally for the Israelites on the other side of the world. Their time and our time are different, then you have the southern hemisphere to consider.

With that said, I’d just do what you feel is appropriate. You’re remembering and honoring Christ, you cannot go wrong there! :+1:t3:


I agree. Just like New Year. It arrives at a different time for the whole globle.


In Jesus Christ Name Amen :heart:


Glory to God, in Honor of Jesus, we Praise Him! Amen and Amen! :heart::dove:

Thank you Brandon, I so appreciate your teachings! My heart just feels so full, I can’t find the words to express myself!


I had already checked online for the beginning of Passover for 2024. According to the various online sources I’ve checked and my own personal 2024 calendar, it begins Monday April 22nd. I would think at dusk/sundown.

Hey May!

That’s Jewish passover. I don’t study the Talmud, so I celebrate at the closest point to the month of Abib, when God told Moses to celebrate passover. So that’s how I arrived at the date of April 2nd, by using that methodology.

Here’s a few helpful links:


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Question, where is the best place in script that tells us, Hebrew calendar commences at sundown (let’s call that nautical twilight), and concludes on the following sundown? IOW, that about 6pm to following 6pm is the way to reckon one day.

And I’m still wondering where we get that from nighttime to nighttime is the date change with night being the 1st part of a day. (6ish pm to 6ish pm). We are children of the light (daylight) after all.

I’m not sure, good question. The evening, dusk, (6pm) being the beginning of the Hebrew day, it would generally still be light most parts of the world unless you’re a north pole Escano.

Maybe we can research that.

I believe it tells us that in Gen 1:5.
…And the evening and the morning were the first day.

There is probably more, but that’s how I understand it.

Linda, in case you missed my email response to you…


Good evening!

Read: Fourteenth Evening: Passover Begins, Lamb Sacrificed

and then…

Fifteenth Begins: Lamb Eaten In That Night

From Exodus 12, we know passover begins on the evening of the 14th of Abib. We’re told that evening, into the night, was the Lord’s Passover which actually took place at the conclusion of the 14th, as the 15th day begins. When the 15th day begins, that starts the Feast of Unleavened bread, (Lev 23:4-6, Num 28:16-17). This tells us, the day begins at evening.

Exodus 12:17
And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread; for in this selfsame day have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt: therefore shall ye observe this day in your generations by an ordinance for ever.

As you continue to read Exodus, it’s clear, the Israelites fled Egypt in haste by night. Right after the death angel came through the land. So we can only conclude then, that one day ends at dust, just as a new day begins.

Yes, right after the death angel passover. It doesn’t day how long that actually took, but it “midnight” indicates equal dark time on each side. “dark” not evening or dusk, I think. So, in normal everyday day activity, very little is done in the dark, not like today of course. I think I will count the light part of a day using what we have which is nautical meaning we can still see a difference between light and dark. For practical purposes, I do still wonder if maybe the “new day”, since night, can actually be firmed up as to what time of the “night” is actually this middle (midnight). And in today’s timing, we actually do count from 12-12 as the dividing of time within that 24 hour circle. the pass over of the angel of death, was at midnight, not at the beginning of the “night”, and sure enough, when the next daylight happened…it is the next “day”.

I am still researching why the 6-6pm time is called “hebrew” or “Judaic”, however. So far, I have only found “reationales” for why it was decided to be this. With the “judaic” I found that the talmud is involved. Plus, why use “6” anything when looking at God’s solar setup? I was first drawn to Gen 1:3 and find that actually light was the first thing Father created on day 1 after the katabole. He did not create the “dark” that was “furnished” by the katabole.

Anyway, i reached out to you because I am researching this matter of 6-6pm reckoning for a day. Over 30 years I learned of this and just took it as “gospel”, that it must be correct. Now, I’m not so sure when I read Ex for the first passover. Right now, I will count the daylight as the first part of a day…day 1. But, I’m open to scripture that emphatically determines it so or not.

I took communion with my Lord, on the 2nd in the evening. But I used daylight as the beginning of a day in a 24 hour period. So, you did as well, even tho you counted it differently. And yes, my 35 years ago started with Shepherd’s Chapel, and I do still consider that the best the authority for the languages and all, and am very thankful. As well, I consider you and yours as member of the Body of Christ.

I miss understood your question. I thought you were asking why our day starts at midnight, in the dark.

I was curious to see what time of day the official spring equinox begins for the northern hemisphere. This year it was at 11:06 PM March 19th.

I used the utc time. For east coast that was about 3 in the morning of what we call the 20th. Then I cked Jerusalem…that was about 5am on what is called the 20th. The edt time had 1106pm on the 19. I used the first full daylight day, which was the 20th and counted that as “day 1”. Then I simply counted to day 14 at the daytime…which was our 2apr. I’m not really suggesting a time, midnight for example, but rather counting daylight part of a day as the beginning rather than dark/night as the beginning. The real question, is why and where did 6pm to 6pm originate? Even earth calendars, like sundials, Stonehenge, and maybe the pyramids in Egypt, use daylight to track.

For the record, I’ve never talked about or mentioned any 6-6 timeframe. With that said, perhaps too much emphasis is being placed on getting the “right day, hour, etc.”

For example: If you live in Israel, Russia, America, and so on, Passover will occur at different times if you use your own local time as a base. Moreover, if you live in the southern hemisphere, it’s fall, not spring. So they won’t celebrate passover for a few more months using their own timeframe. So it’s all about perspective.

That’s why for years, I’ve said, we should strive to get close, but we cannot honestly know the exact date, hour, minute, and second it originally took place. Moreover, “month” can even mean “moon” in the Bible. Was God talking about the moon of “Abib?” I’ll leave that for you.

If you place yourself back in ancient times, it seems most likely they realized it was spring when “Abib” occurred. That word means, “young green ears of grain.” Naturally, that grain matures in Spring, their spring and that would be an ideal way for them to know when Abib began. That also means, there would be no exact “day, hour, minute” for them either.

It’s not knowing the specific day that’s important, it’s what you do to honor Jesus Christ that’s important.

Just something to consider.

agreed–our Lord is the focus. the 6pm-6pm thing has to do with counting the “days” (a 24 hour period), and when a “next” day begins (or ends) and when the 15th “day” actually “comes to light”, so to speak. So, which “day” is the first (counted as #1, to get to the 14th day). Its almost like our Lord dying in the light part of the day (minus that 3 hour of dark), straitened the path there as well. In a way, the best way to figure spring/fall is actually to look at summer/winter solstices, making 1/2, then dissecting those 2 halfs in half in re the sun. And our Father is the Father of the living…so that “green” appears. (by the way, i lived in AK for many years, and so the light and dark were stark, and really hard to pinpoint that)