Chinese terror cells to commit acts of war inside U.S. borders

It’s so true, history repeats itself.

Last night, I found an article that explained…

  • There is now a Chinese invasion of the U.S. homeland.
  • How many of the PLA fighters have slipped into the United States this way? Some estimate 5,000, others 10,000. Those numbers sound high, but whatever the actual figure more are coming.
  • These are China’s shock troops. The concern is that, on the first day of war in Asia they will take down America’s power lines, poison reservoirs, assassinate officials, start wildfires, spread pathogens, and create terror by bombing shopping malls and supermarkets.
  • The saboteurs will almost certainly attack American military bases. China has already been probing sensitive installations. Chinese agents posing as tourists have, for instance, intruded into bases, including the Army’s Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska.

So the new fear is, the Chinese have sleeper cells in the United States that are going to wreak havoc should war break out over Taiwan.

Good grief!

I actually had to laugh at this one. To a tee, it matches what we were told about Iran for a decade. We were continually told, Iran had sleeper cells in the United States that would carry out terrorist activities, any moment. They even said, Iran these sleeper cells had suitcase nukes to unleash on the U.S.

In fact, here’s Bill Clinton talking about it.

So the author of that article, the same author who predicted China’s demise a decade ago is out for another fear run to suck in readers. It just kills me how this stuff goes viral, whatever headline is the most scary or absurd is shared and then becomes the new thing to fear.

Like this one…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

For decades, the United States made the Chinese threat a reality by allowing and even pushing corporations to go offshore. All thanks to exorbitant corporate taxes. We, our country made China what it is today.

So don’t be a part of the crowd that plays into this exaggerated fear. We created China, and someone is recycling the Iran narrative in China form to stir up strife once again.