China warns of “conflict and confrontation”

China’s talking trash…

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang warned Tuesday that Beijing and Washington are headed for “conflict and confrontation” if the U.S. doesn’t change course, striking a combative tone at a moment when relations between the rivals are at a historic low.

Conflict and confrontation, sounds friendly.

“If the United States does not hit the brake, but continues to speed down the wrong path, no amount of guardrails can prevent derailing and there surely will be conflict and confrontation,” said Qin, whose new position is junior to the Communist Party’s senior foreign policy official, Wang Yi. “Such competition is a reckless gamble, with the stakes being the fundamental interests of the two peoples and even the future of humanity.”

The whole world is turning into a big you know what show. It’s pretty easy to see the massive divide between the East and West. The world order as we’ve known it since the 1940s continues to fracture.

If this keeps up, it’s going to completely break and then we’ll need a new order, new standards. It’s highly doubtful we revert back to the truly sovereign nation state.

Maybe Dennis Rodman can go over and smooth things out. :basketball:

Yes! or maybe Kamala ha ha