'China Has 10 Years Left, At Most' — 100 Million Population Drop Could Lead To Economic Disaster

The next doom event, China’s population decline.

This cracks me up, don’t all the radicals want the global population to decline anyway?


So what’s the big deal?

The thing that kills me, is we live in a world where we think expansion can go on forever. It can’t. Eventually, there will be too many people, and at some point, by the 2080s according to some, global population will peak. That means, from that point on there will be a global “economic disaster” as population declines and economic output drops.

So it’s going to happen one way or the other, at some point in time.

Wouldn’t it be better if those in power actually talked to the people about things like this? Instead of cramming change through on a “climate change” scare?