Children’s studies

Hi Brandon. I know you are quite busy with these studies and blog, but should you ever have a little extra time could you please do short studies for children. I’m sure a lot of us have young grandchildren and children. I have an 11 year old granddaughter and I want to share God’s word with her on her level. Thank you for considering the idea.


Hey Teresa, that sounds like a really good idea. I’d like to see if there is more interest in this…

I remember when I wrote the article about succeeding as parents, it didn’t get a lot of traction. I was surprised by that. So much so, I ended up running a poll to see what our average reader age was. It turns out, readers are 57 on average. Perhaps, that’s why. I mention this, as I don’t want to commit to something that’s not going to help the overall audiance.

I think teaching our children and grandchildren is a big area Christians we all should be working in though. Daily they are being brainwashed in schools and everywhere else. What exactly are we doing to combat that? They are the next generation.

Specifically, did you have any ideas of content that you would like to see, or just anything in general? The only children’s material I ever wrote was for my kids, about the birth of Jesus.

Thanks for the suggestion, I hope we get some feedback here.


I would have a great interest in this for sure. I think children’s teachings on Creation, Adam and Eve, and Noah’s Flood.


I think teachings that are geared toward children can also be a great benefit to adults that are new to any teaching of the bible. Maybe a thorough explanation of the Bible (sections, common terms, etc) and how it came about. I know you have covered a lot of that in your article How We Got the Bible.
I know there needs to be enough people that would use it to make it worth your time. So if that doesn’t happen, I totally understand!