Chicago Citizens want to end Sanctuary City Status

American politicians allow homeless Americans to sleep on the streets and could care less about helping them by making their needs a priority. In fact, many homeless Americans don’t get the health care, housing, and food assistance they need.

However, if you’re an illegal immigrant in Illinois, politicians roll the red carpet out for you. In fact, Illinois is one of the few states that provides Medicaid-style health care benefits to undocumented immigrant (now they are backing down a bit). Since August 2022, more than 17,000 illegals have arrived in Chicago. The city is so overwhelmed that Gov. JB Pritzker is calling on the Feds to provide more federal funding to help by taking over the busing of newly arrived migrants from the border to other parts of the country, instead – despite the fact that Chicago is a sanctuary city. Pritzker asks Biden to increase federal support for migrant crisis - CBS Chicago

In a recent poll, many Chicagoans want to end the City’s sanctuary status: Sanctuary cities in Illinois: Most residents want to end sanctuary city status as Chicago migrants arrive, M3 Strategies poll says - ABC7 Chicago The problem is worsening. Since last May, the rate of illegal arrivals has significantly increased with a total of 328 buses carrying migrants arriving since Aug. 31, 2022, with 220 arriving since May 12 – including more than 40 in the past week alone.

Don’t blame Texas and other border states for busing illegals to sanctuary cities. I don’t blame them. It’s up to sanctuary cities to stop the insanity and follow the law. Don’t expect the federal government to come to the rescue. It’s going to be interesting to see how all of this plays out.


Chicago Illinois will be going down to the dogs! It’s beginning to look like skid row! There are tents everywhere! And who do we owe this to? OH! Mr. Ignorant :rage: Pritzer! Now we got to worry about if they are bringing any type of diseases with them

Now we have all these illegal Immigrants flooding Chicago setting up tents everywhere in our community! We don’t know their health conditions and who knows what type of diseases they are bringing with them! But I bet our ignorant Governor don’t care as long as they don’t flood his neighborhood :rage::rage::rage: This was a very bad decision he made for the people of Chicago!